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Join KXT for a very intimate show with Jaime Wyatt

Jaime Wyatt is a talented Americana singer-songwriter known for her emotive storytelling and soulful vocals. Born in California, Wyatt’s music is deeply rooted in traditional country, but she effortlessly blends elements of rock, folk, and blues into her sound. Her lyrics often reflect personal experiences, struggles and triumphs, offering a raw and authentic glimpse into... Read more »

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The 'Serious' Sounds Of Leonard Cohen

With songs like "Suzanne," "Bird on a Wire," "So Long, Marianne" and "Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye," singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen created his own brand of folk-rock art music. Listeners discovered Cohen's songs in the mid-'60s when Judy Collins recorded "Suzanne," and Cohen followed that by recording his own album of his songs. Cohen discusses his career with Terry Gross.

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