About KXT 91.7

KXT 91.7 is one of the member-supported, public broadcasting stations operated by KERA, a nonprofit organization that also includes KERA TV, KERA FM and Art&Seek. One of the few non-commercial radio stations in North Texas, KXT supports local artists and plays a unique mix of new, local and legendary music that listeners love. Since its launch in 2009, KXT has become one of the top-10 most-listened-to Triple-A (Adult, Album, Alternative) public radio stations in the country. The bulk of KXT’s programming lineup is produced and programmed locally, including weekday mornings with Benji McPhail, The KXT Local Show, What’s New with Jackson Wisdorf, Funky Friday with Lesley James, and The Paul Slavens Show.

What is The Republic of Music?

“The Republic of Music” represents the community of listeners, members, artists and other supporters who make KXT and the North Texas music scene special. In The Republic of Music, everyone is welcome, everyone is equal and everyone has a voice. It’s the non-physical place where we’re all about the music — where listeners, members, artists and more come together to make KXT possible.

KXT 91.7 financial and governance information may be found at CPB Compliance.

Voices on KXT