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Meet Me Underground’s inclusive atmosphere is a breath of fresh air

At first glance, Curfew Bar in the heart of downtown Fort Worth seems like just another little hole-in-the-wall place among the other businesses, unassuming and blended in. But on Monday nights, this quaint establishment turns into a welcoming and inclusive place of dance, with the weekly event called Meet Me Underground. After parking on the… Read more »

Dallas’ Learning Names unveil new lineup with release of music video

6 men stand in a line smiling holding instruments like tuba, trombone, trumpet.

Learning Names frontman Dook Dootson is from Manchester, UK, but found love in New York in the late Summer of 2010. That sent him down a path that would eventually bring him to the North Texas music scene. Dootson was recording at the now-closed Skyline Studios in Manhattan for a few weeks, staying in a local… Read more »