The KXT Local Show: Ariel & The Culture, Nite, Parker Twomey

This week we got to debut a new banger from Dallas artist Ariel & The Culture, heard from the Topline Addicts out of Richardson, rocked out with the brothers Nite, and checked out the sweet new song from country crooner (and Booker T. Washington High Schoo graduate!) Parker Twomey.


You can see the entire playlist after this week’s highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, submit your music here.


Ariel & The Culture

Artist Jason Ariel Bobadilla recorded the original vocal for club hit “Dizzy” on a gaming headset and liked how it sounded so much that he kept it in for the final cut of the song. It’s about not wanting to go home alone and Bobadilla says the track is best listened to after your 3rd drink on a night out after striking out with every single person in the bar. Click play for a jam.



Parker Twomey

Twomey spent his high school years working at Modern Electric Sound Recorders before becoming a touring musician, working with both Paul Cauthen and Vincent Niel Emerson.  “I’d be Your Man” is Twomey’s debut single. His voice will stop you in your tracks as he sings about being head over heels in love.




Nite is the brainchild of twin brothers Kyle and Myles Mendes. “Good Boy” is an anthem about saying no to addiction and unhealthy relationships. Fun fact: The lyrics were partly inspired by Myles’s cat, who is featured in the video and kept knocking things off a table when the brothers were writing the song. Warning: This video contains scenes of implied violence and stalking. 


The KXT Local Show- 4/14/2022

Ariel & The Culture- Dizzy

Yeah Huh- Just Keep It Real

Jake Dixon- Secondhand Smoke

Nite- Good Boy

Carbon Love- A Day Without

The Troumatics- Should Have Kissed You

Stone Mecca- Stay Away Shay

Isaac Sloane & The Sound Brigade- What Love Is

Joshya Dylan Balis- We’re On Fire

Topline Addicts- Bea Arthur

Sarah Johnson- Fire

Roger Ismael- Part Of Your Plan

Damon K. Clark- Holy

Parker Twomey- I’d Be Your Man

Sleepy Atlantis- You Could Be Happy Again


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