Author: Jessica Waffles

Deep Ellum celebrates the remarkable recovery of musician Jeff Saenz

A band plays on stage

Double Wide hosted “Baby Snakes’ 1st Birthday Party featuring The Texas Gentlemen” on Wednesday, celebrating the remarkable recovery of Jeff Saenz (aka Baby Snakes) – the musician who suffered a serious electric accident in 2021. The incident left Saenz with third- and fourth-degree burns, and ultimately ended in amputated sections of both his arms. In July… Read more »

Experiencing ego death with DEZORAH

DEZORAH is a powerful rock band with roots in South Texas, who currently call Dallas home. Their unreleased song “Control” is about pride, ego and letting it go. “It’s about wanting to lean into that because that’s what we’re fed, but taking control of your own perspective,” singer Danica Salazar said. The five members of… Read more »