Mitchell Ferguson’s new EP Whole Lotta Sauce is a soundtrack for inspiration

Mitchell Ferguson’s new EP Whole Lotta Sauce. Album art: Dalton Latham

In the midst of a whirlwind tour, Farmers Branch native Mitchell Ferguson took a moment to discuss his upcoming EP Whole Lotta Sauce, as he and his band traveled the West Coast sharing stages with “Western space grunge” band Dexter and the Moonrocks.

Whole Lotta Sauce drops this Friday September 29, marking the first time since 2019 that he will be releasing a full collection of songs (versus singles). Ferguson recently signed with Sour Sonics – a label founded by his close friend and producer Taylor Kimball, who has worked with Austin Meade, Koe Wetzel, Kody West and more.

“When I started recording this [new] record and working with Taylor, I kinda discovered my sound. It feels more representative of me – at least right now,” Mitchell reflected. “Being in Texas in 2017, I found myself playing by osmosis in the Texas country world. There were a few points over the years that I kinda felt like I was playing cowboy.”

A musician playing guitar

Mitchell Ferguson in Deep Ellum. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Track Listing / Breakdown

1. “Hurts So Bad”

Kicking off the EP is “Hurts So Bad,” an energetic breakup anthem that delves into the toxicity of relationships we just can’t escape. Ferguson’s lyrics resonate with the pain of allowing someone to continuously hurt us, even when we know it’s detrimental to our self-worth. It’s been the fire-starter of his set on tour, opening with a bang and garnering positive reaction from crowds – enough to get people who have never heard it already singing along.

2. “Love on the Line”

“Love on the Line” explores a similar theme, focusing on those individuals who claim to love us but seem to have ulterior motives. Ferguson describes the song as a form of gaslighting, where someone says they love you but their actions tell a different story. Live performances of this track include an interactive element, where fans can leave voicemails for their exes at the merch booth’s handheld telephone – a unique and cathartic experience.

“We’re putting together a compilation for a music video of these voicemails people are leaving, and a lot of them have been really funny,” Ferguson laughed. “Some of them will never see the light of day because they’re either really embarrassing or just not good vibes; but it’s cool to see when people are given the opportunity to get things like that off their chest, it an be cathartic.”

3. “FYS”

“FYS” takes a more cryptic approach, with Ferguson encouraging listeners to figure out the meaning themselves. It’s a song that speaks to everyone, addressing the challenges life throws at us and how we choose to respond. Ferguson emphasizes the importance of compassion and strength, both for ourselves and others, as we navigate life’s obstacles.

“Tough love on ourselves can get you over that hill when you’re dealing with depression or anxiety so you can give yourself more grace; I think it’s a unifying thing” Ferguson said pensively. “Like, we’re all in this together. We’re all going through something. Take your time for comfort and grief, but if you’re gonna slow things down for yourself and everyone, you gotta stay strong. Sometimes you gotta tell your sadness to chill out for a second.”

A man sitting

Mitchell Ferguson’s got a whole lotta sauce to share. Photo: Chloe Barney

4. “Whole Lotta Sauce”

The title track, “Whole Lotta Sauce,” is an inspirational anthem that encourages listeners to go after their dreams with determination and vigor. It’s a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the “sauce” within each of us that can lead us to success. Ferguson describes it as a song to motivate people to chase their aspirations, and it’s evident that this track is already leaving a lasting impact on his audiences on tour.

“It’s a fun song; you can dance, you can vibe. It’s a spiritual thing for me. It’s swag, it’s dedication, it’s hard work, it’s power.” Ferguson said. “Months before [Steve Harwell] passed, I posted a clip of the song saying ‘My producer says this sounds like Smash Mouth’ and Smash Mouth commented ‘We’ll cut it, let’s go.’ We went back and forth for a bit, and they ultimately weren’t featured, but it was a cool moment to have a band that has been so influential have interest in a song I’d written.”

5. “Here For A Minute”

“Here For A Minute” represents a significant departure from Ferguson’s previous work. With synth-heavy production and auto-tuned vocals, it reflects a more contemporary sound. The song urges us to live life to the fullest since we never know when our time may run out. For Mitchell, it also marks a personal turning point, with his journey to his now 7 months off of booze and the positive impact it has had on his creativity.

6. “Over It”

“Over It,” the most recent single, carries the theme of escaping manipulative relationships and standing up for oneself. It’s a high-energy, upbeat track that channels the spirit of bands like Blink 182. Mitchell’s live shows have been closing with this song, and it’s clear that it resonates with those who’ve experienced similar situations.

“A lot of people come up after the show, saying something like they just got cheated on and it spoke to them,” Ferguson said. “From a vibe and lyric perspective, these songs could very easily come off as simple or kind of juvenile. but at the end of the day, that’s what connects with people. It’s a delicate balance of being honest and vulnerable while being very accessible.”

7. “Nowadays”

The EP wraps up with “Nowadays,” a fun and flirtatious dance track produced in collaboration with Drugstore Cowboy and Corina Grove after playing Whiskey jam in Nashville. Ferguson describes it as a song for those moments when you pull up to a party and sparks fly. It’s a departure from his usual style and showcases some of his more pop-style sensibilities as a songwriter.

A man playing guitar and singing loudly

Mitchell Ferguson’s high-energy performances are garnering enthusiastic response across the nation. Photo: Justin Henderson

Upcoming Shows

As Mitchell Ferguson’s tour continues, he’s excited to bring these new tracks to his Dallas hometown on October 27 at Double Wide in Deep Ellum. This headline show promises to be a memorable event, featuring support acts KVDE and Corina Groove, who are both making waves with their own music.

Mitchell Ferguson’s journey from the local Texas bar circuit to national prominence is a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft. With the release of Whole Lotta Sauce, he’s poised to make an even bigger mark on the music industry, inspiring others to chase their dreams with a whole lot of sauce.

As Ferguson himself puts it, “You gotta work hard for the money, but money ain’t everything. I gotta celebrate with you, honey.” It’s a sentiment that resonates with many, and his music continues to provide the soundtrack for those seeking inspiration, connection, and a little bit of that sauce in their lives.

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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