Top 10 Music Photos of the Year: Movement

This year, we’re looking back at the photos taken by our music journalist Jessica Waffles. Below, you’ll find her selected top photos of 2022 in the category of “Movement.” Check back next week for another set of photos.

A young woman playing bass mid-hair flip

Panda Cuenca from Phantomelo is known for her energetic stage presence, dancing and whipping her hair around during most of the set. Photo: Jessica Waffles

1. Phantomelo at ’til Midnight at the Nasher

Phantomelo’s Panda Cuena is a joy to watch every time she displays her dynamic musical talent and energy on stage. Of course, she delivered her signature high pony tail hair flips at ’til Midnight at the Nasher in May.

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A man break dances on stage

Alex “Lex Groove” Geck performs at Ruins during the warm up. Photo: Jessica Waffles

2. Battle Grounds at Ruins

Battle Grounds – 1 vs 1 Open Styles and Breaking Battles was the most movement-focused event I covered this year. Every performer brought the gas, but this photo of Lex Groove topped the stack.

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A full band and a female guitarist standing on a speaker with her guitar in the air

Vector Brewing hosted Glitter’s self-titled EP release party on Sunday in Dallas. Photo: Jessica Waffles

3. Glitter EP-release party at Vector Brewing

Glitter’s seasoned professionalism and experience on stage can be felt in her performance, as she rips through guitar solos and creates an energy that fills the room. She finished the set strong with her guitar raised above her head and standing on her amp.

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A man singign on stage with his hand in the air

Jo Indigo of Chilldren of Indigo performing at Trees for the Deep Ellum 100 live record show. Photo: Jessica Waffles

4. Chilldren of Indigo live for Deep Ellum 100 recording at Trees

Jo Indigo’s leadership of Chilldren of Indigo is as iconic as it is deep. This fearless frontman holds the audience’s attention with words and stage presence as one of DFW’s most conscious songwriters.

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A trio plays on stage

Jake Quillin played the Michelob Ultra stage at WAMFest 2022. (left to right) Justin Hoard, Jake Quillin, Patrick Smith. Photo: Jessica Waffles

5. Jake Quillin at Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival

One of Dallas’ best-kept treasures is Patrick Smith’s illustrious hair flips. In this photo we see him perform with Jake Quillin, one of the many bands he makes better with his high-energy stage presence.

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The positive energy with Dana Harper was infectious at the Beyond the Surface performance at Turner House in Oak Cliff. Photo: Jessica Waffles

6. Beyond the Surface with Dana Harper

Dana Harper collaborated with B.MOORE DANCE to celebrate the power of women at Turner House in Oak Cliff. The singer encouraged embracing dance, embracing expression and invited attendees to dance together at the end of the show.

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Two young girls mid-jump in dance wearing pink dance outfits and holding flowers

A Mongolian Flower Dance performed by Victoria Wong and Emma Yang. Photo: Jessica Waffles

7. Plano AsiaFest ’22

Victoria Wong and Emma Yang performed a Mongolian Flower Dance at Plano AsaiFest in May. It gave me the opportunity to capture some of my favorite photos of the year involving movement, showcasing traditional and modern Asian music and dance.

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A drummer on stage

Matt Mabe plays as part of Arenda Light at Lola’s Saloon May 6, 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

8. “The Last Stand” at Lola’s Saloon

Matt Mabe is a drumming staple in the community, and I’m thrilled any chance I get to see him energetically rock out behind the kit. This photo shows the elusive clear drummer shot, as Mabe played with Arenda Light for the last show ever at Lola’s on 7th Street before the big move in May.

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Martial parts performers in action

Os Malandros De Mestre Touro perform with percussive instruments and movement at Brass and Jazz in the Park. Photo: Jessica Waffles

9. Os Malandros De Mestre Touro at Brass and Jazz in the Park

Brass and Jazz in the Park presented by the AT&T Performing Arts Center was held at Jaycee Zaragoza Park, celebrating culture and sound. Os Malandros De Mestre Touro is an entity which trains young and adult folk of the “Underserved Communities” in the art of “CAPOEIRA ANGOLA de SAO BENTO GRANDE” with the intention of perpetuating the art in those communities.

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A woman plays guitar on stage

Averi Burk’s electrifying presence gave her full command of the stage and the crowd. Photo: Jessica Waffles

10. Averi Burk at Will Rogers for Amplify 817 Showcase

Seeing Averi Burk in action for the first time at the Amplify 817 Showcase will live on in my memory for the way she captivates an audience and has them in the palm of her hand. Her thoughtful set created a flowing energy that was mirrored in her movement.

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Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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