Favorite pix of women & LGBTQ performers who rocked North Texas in 2022

As KXT’s visual journalist Jessica Waffles sifted through the hundreds of images she shot in 2022, she noticed that many, many of them were women or LGBTQ performs. Below, you’ll find a collection of her favorites.

A performer on stage smiling with long hair blowing in the wind

Jada Pinkette Fox sings on the main stage at the Dallas Pride Music Festival 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

1. Jada Pinkette Fox at the Dallas Pride Music Festival

Jada Pinkette Fox delivered a heartfelt performance in front of over a thousand captivating listeners at the Dallas Pride Music Festival, bringing myself and others to tears. Thankful for the opportunity to witness this special moment.

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Two feamle singers on stage

Esteromance performed inside The Limbo Room at Ruins in Deep Ellum. Photo: Jessica Waffles

2. Esteromance at Ruins

This performance was one of my favorite of the year. It was lively, well-structured and a dynamic visual presence. Getting to see this double female-led band own their music was in Dallas was a stand-out experience of 2022.

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A woman singing on stage

Maya Piata performed with grace on the Trees stage for the Deep Ellum 100 live recording show. Photo: Jessica Waffles

3. Maya Piata live at Trees for Deep Ellum 100

Maya Piata gave a strong performance at Trees for the Deep Ellum 100 live album recording celebrating Deep Ellum’s 150th Anniversary. Attendees of the show will have access to the digital copy of the live vinyl record that was recorded to immortalize the event with songs from each performing act of the show.

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A woman performs on stage

Danica Salazar performs in DEZORAH during Indie-Rock Latin America 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

4. DEZORAH at Cheapsteaks for Indie-Rock Latin America

It’s always a treat to see DEZORAH’s raw energy on stage. Front woman Danica Salazar has a command of the stage that entrances the audience. Watch an intimate live session with DEZORAH on KXT.

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SASAMI at SXSW public Radio Day Stage 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

5. SASAMI on the Public Radio Day Stage at SXSW

SASAMI’s unique sound and performance had the whole room in the Public Radio Day Stage at SXSW packed with listeners. The costumes and intentional movement gave her set an edge that was like a gravitational pull to the stage.

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A signer on stage

MATTIE performs at The Wilde Detectives. Photo: Jessica Waffles

6. MATTIE at The Wild Detectives

MATTIE’s 1-hour set was a visual and sonic journey, a complete story from start to finish. Through use of narration-style recordings, choreography and intentional messaging, MATTIE creates a world of their own on stage. It is a fresh, unique and jaw-dropping experience of the avant-garde.

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A woman playing guitar on stage

Etta Friedman of Momma at Three Links in Deep Ellum. Photo: Jessica Waffles

7. Momma’s sold out show at Three Links

The way Momma’s genuine talent came through in a live setting at Three Links was a testament to the band’s rise to stardom. The core of creativity can be felt in the way they present themselves on stage.

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3 female musicians on stage in highlighter color outfit with an alien aesthetic play violin, keyboards and drums on stage

The Helium Queens gave a stellar performance at day 2 of the 3-day Psychedelic Panther Festival event. Photo: Jessica Waffles

8. Helium Queens at MASS for Psychedelic Panther

The Helium Queens always show up on stage with a unique presence, message and graceful flair. The Psychedelic Panther event featured over 20 bands over 3-days, and the panther head projection art installation was made by James Benjamin Maker.

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A woman playing ukulele in front of a crowd

The intimate crowd at Dallas Arboretum gave Lorena Leigh an opportunity to share her light, sharing stories about the origins of her original songs. Photo: Jessica Waffles

9. Lorena Leigh at Dallas Arboretum

Lorena Leigh’s upbeat “cowgirl mermaid” style stands out among the crowd, including in this photo from her set at the Dallas Arboretum in July. Leigh’s indie pop music showcases her ukulele songwriting, featuring thoughtful lyrics about empathy, nostalgia and self-love.

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Seratones singer A.J. Haynes mellifluous voice carried out the end of the SXSW Public Radio Day Stage 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

10. Seratones at SXSW Public Radio Day Stage

The Seratones played at SXSW this year on the Public Radio Day Stage, closing out the show after Wet Leg, Yard Act and SASAMI. This photo was one of my favorites from the whole week, capturing a moment of serenity on stage.

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Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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