MATTIE brings their unique performance to Oak Cliff with Barcelona artist Marina Herlop

Dallas-based artist MATTIE performed at The Wild Detectives last Friday night, accompanied by movement artist Rai Barnard and DJ / producer Jordan Edwards (aka IAMYU).  (Note: this video contains language that some might find offensive.)

The 1-hour set was a visual and sonic journey, a complete story from start to finish. Through use of narration-style recordings, choreography and intentional messaging, MATTIE creates a world of their own on stage. It is a fresh, unique and jaw-dropping experience of the avant-garde.

“There’s something that’s happening in me. Something real, unavoidable,” MATTIE says. “I’m bringing it from the inside out. There’s a history, and now the presence and the ancestors. This is magic, music, ritual and experimental.”

A singer and dancer on stage

Dallas-based vocalist MATTIE makes an arresting solo debut on their debut EP “Jupiters Purse.” Working with fellow Dallas native Black Taffy as producer, these five gorgeous tracks — billed as “experimental soul” — stretch and spill and swirl around MATTIE’s haunting vocals. [as reported by KXT’s Preston Jones]. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A singer on stage

MATTIE. Photo: Jessica Waffles

MATTIE’s personal and artistic style is always a bold statement, and the featured costume piece for the night was no exception. The featured outfit was a rental from Norcostco Theater Rental, which was helped put together by Jae from Norcostco.

The stage direction was done by Abby Bagby, who is part of MATTIE’s “spirit crew,” which also includes local artist Reivin Alexandria.

“The most difficult thing would be to just get on stage and sing songs,” MATTIE said. “If it’s not encapsulated in self-inquiry and looking deeper into meaning, it’s not for me.”

A dancer and singer on stage

Movement artist Rai Barnard joined MATTIE on stage for duration of the set at The Wild Detectives. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A signer on stage

MATTIE. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Their 2022 EP release Jupiter’s Purse includes songs, “Human Thing,” “Cellfish,” and “Sanctify Me,” – songs that are included in the video above.

As for upcoming music, there is a remix of “Human Thing” in the works, by Leaving Records label mate Cakedog. MATTIE is also working on new music with Black Taffy to release for a special Meow Wolf project, building soundscapes for the Grapevine installation that is slated to open in June 2023.

A dj on stage

TX DJ/Producer Jordan Edwards (known as IAMYU)
and co-founder of House of Frequencies performed with MATTIE at The Wild Detectives. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A singer on stage

MATTIE’s presence on stage is commanding and unique. Photo: Jessica Waffles

MATTIE’s next two shows will be their first out of state events – September 30 in Brooklyn, NY with Elucid from Armand Hammer at Market Hotel and October 15 in Kansas City.

“I feel like New York is gonna break me in real good,” MATTIE said. “I’m excited to be on a lineup with other experimental artists pushing the edge of music.”

As for shows in town, the one scheduled right now is December 2 at The Wild Detectives, called “X.” MATTIE will be curating the lineup, where the intention will be to uplift Black experimental artists, with a theme of celebrating ancestry of The South.

“There’s a space I want to help nurture that talks about our Southern ancestors,” they said. “There’s a fortitude that comes from being in the South.”

A singer and dancer on stage

MATTIE brought movement through dance to her performance at The Wild Detectives. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Marina Herlop traveled all the way from Barcelona, Spain – gracing the stage at The Wild Detectives on Friday with her experimental music.

Dubbed as “classically trained and totally chaotic” in a deep-dive Pitchfork article by Philip Sherbune, Herlop describes her music creation style as problem solving in an interview after the Wild Detectives show.

“You have an idea you like and you start building,” Herlop said. “If something doesn’t work, from a sonic point of view or structural or instrumental point of view – you have to find a way for those sounds and layers to match and find something well-constructed.”

A woman singing on stage

Marina Herlop from Barcelona, Spain made a stop at The Wild Detectives while on tour. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A woman singing and playing keyboard on stage

Marina Herlop at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff, Dallas. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Witnessing her show as a non-Spanish speaking person, her intricate style was not lost in translation. The techniques of layering and performance rang true to the poignant severity she’s been known for in her 2022 release and third album Pripyat.

“I don’t see much relation between music and other things like images or landscapes,” she says. “For me it’s building sound by itself. When I make music, I think in an abstract way with layers and percussion.”

Her only remaining US shows while she is here on tour will be on September 16 in Portland at The Old Church and September 18 in Los Angeles at Primavera Sound Festival, with headliners Arctic Monkeys, Cigarettes After Sex, King Kurle and more. Keep up with Marina Herlop on her Instagram Page.

A singer on stage

Marina Herlop. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A woman singing and playing with percussion mallets on stage

Marina Herlop’s outfit was reminiscent of the clothing worn in her music video “miu.” Photo: Jessica Waffles

A woman on stage in front of a seated audience

Marina Herlop closed the show at The Wild Detectives. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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