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Tripping Daisy

After an 18-year hiatus, Dallas' legendary psych rock outfit celebrates their mighty return with a reunion show and this stellar KXT Live Session.

    Paul Cauthen doing a Live Session
    Paul Cauthen

    Our On the Road crew caught up with the Tyler native at Sundown at Granada before his performance that evening for the Luck reunion tour.

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The cast of Craigslist walk-ons featured in the Moon Hooch video for "Booty House" had to follow one rule: dress in garbage.

Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead At 41

One of the lead singers of the band Linkin Park, which found great success in the early 2000s, died Thursday in Los Angeles.

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Who would doubt that Michael McDonald could still sound groovy and relevant while ushering the musical feel of 1978 into 2017? Only a fool.

Pardoner's 'Uncontrollable Salvation' Is A Punk Blessing That Bludgeons

The San Francisco band's debut album is a muscle spasm of Polvo's weirdo heft and Dinosaur Jr.'s slacker fuzz set to a disaffected punk squall.