Spoon – “The Underdog” Austinite Britt Daniel’s lean compositions with his band Spoon have gained him a fiercely loyal fanbase that expanded quickly with the release of 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. This track, the lead single, jumped off the record with the sharp bursts of horns (previously a rarity on Spoon albums) and… Read more »

Paul McCartney & Wings – Let Me Roll It

Paul McCartney and Wings – “Let Me Roll It” This song, Paul’s musical response to John Lennon’s “How Do You Sleep”, comes from Wings’ third album Band on the Run. Inspired by a line he had heard in George Harrison’s “I’d Have You Anytime”, it was only later after listening did Paul realize that he… Read more »

My Morning Jacket – Off the Record

My Morning Jacket – “Off The Record” Though initially pegged as a Southern Rock band, Kentucky’s My Morning Jacket expanded their sound on 2005’s Z. This track, the centerpiece of the record, playfully teases the Hawaii Five-O theme before launching into a rocking reggae beat, with Jim James’ high tenor vocals anchoring the song firmly… Read more »

The Raconteurs – Old Enough

The Raconteurs – “Old Enough” Jack White’s original side project, The Raconteurs are two records deep into a rocking career. Their latest record Consolers of the Lonely hit shelves only a week after White announced that it had been finished, gaining press buzz in the meantime. The music, however, speaks for itself, particularly with this… Read more »

Chris Isaak – “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” Chris Isaak captivated the country during the early ’90s when his single “Wicked Game” broke on the scene, accompanied by a steamy music video co-starring supermodel Helena Christensen. Several years later, Isaak recorded “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing,” for the album Forever Blue. Once again,… Read more »

Neil Young – Love And War

Neil Young – “Love and War” This track, from Young’s latest Le Noise, is one of the quieter songs on the Daniel Lanois-produced album. Neil’s near-rambling narrative on soldiers leaving for war is appropriate for both yesterday’s Veterans Day, and today, which happens to be Neil’s birthday. It is always excellent to see an artists… Read more »

Belle & Sebastian – I Didn’t See It Coming

Belle and Sebastian – “I Didn’t See It Coming” Scottish indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian have graced fans with their cozy, intimate songs ever since its debut of Tigermilk in 1996. Frontman Stuart Murdoch’s gentle voice combined with bandmate Sarah Martin’s sweet vocals create a sound reminiscent of pop music of the ’60s and ’70s.… Read more »

tumblr_lbfizg0bOH1qb97ja The Jayhawks – “Save It For A Rainy Day” Recently, when Guster was featured on this blog, we made a remark about how some voices were meant to go together. The same could be said for Gary Louris and Mark Olson of the Jayhawks, to the point that neither artist has managed much success… Read more »

Beck – Think I’m In Love

Beck – Think I’m In Love Beck – “Think I’m In Love” This song, from Beck’s tenth record The Information, was part of an album that was described as “painful” to make. While Beck and producer Nigel Godrich re-recorded the entire record several times before arriving at the finished product, it remains one of his… Read more »