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Big Audio Dynamite – Rush

Big Audio Dynamite II – “Rush” After Mick Jones left the Clash in 1984, he explored the diverse musical styles that had started to appear on that band’s three disc effort Sandinista!. Though Big Audio Dynamite had moderate success with their first two records and opened for U2 on the Joshua Tree tour, they disbanded… Read more »

The Clash – “Train In Vain” This song, which almost wasn’t included on the legendary London Calling turned out to be The Clash’s first US hit. Sung by guitar player Mick Jones, the track wasn’t even listed on the cover art, as it had been added while the record sleeve was already being produced. The… Read more »

Gorillaz – To Binge

Gorillaz – To Binge Gorillaz – “To Binge” (ft. Little Dragon) This track, from Gorillaz’ latest release Plastic Beach, features Swedish electronic group Little Dragon. This new record, from former Blur singer Damon Albarn’s ongoing musical experiment with animator Jamie Hewlett, also features Lou Reed, Bobby Womack, and Mick Jones of the Clash.