tumblr_m3ve0mMGIg1qb97ja If you find yourself without a plan for Saturday night, Little D’s very own merry band of Grammy-winning joyful noisemakers Brave Combo invites you to come down to Sons of Hermann in Dallas to celebrate the release of their newest album, Sounds Of The Hollow, available for your pre-ordering happiness here.  But if you… Read more »

tumblr_lydo5yMpBz1qb97ja Fatty Fatty Fat-Fat. (That episode of the Simpsons still makes me laugh.) Seriously cool Denton band with a giggle-inducing name—Fatty Lumpkin—plays Friday night, January 27th at 2826 Arnetic, downtown Dallas. It’s the release of the trio’s new EP called Let It Play, and you’re going to experience a very cool show. You’re going to… Read more »

tumblr_lwmulebX3Q1qb97ja Little Black Dress From Joe K. First of all, have a very Merry Whatever It Is That You Celebrate. (Mine’s Christmas!) And here is my present to you… a song that I really, really like, from a band I really, really like. Song is called “To Do With You,” and it’s brand spankin’ new;… Read more »

tumblr_lueyfsAuKf1qb97ja Here’s a longer version of the Feist interview KXT aired yesterday late afternoon.  It starts with “How Come You Never Go There” from soundcheck and then goes into the interview.  The bonus nugget is the part of the interview where she talks about the upcoming Muppet Movie, and there is an extra song from soundcheck, “Graveyard”… Read more »

St. Vincent – Surgeon

pitchfork: “Surgeon” is the first track released from St. Vincent’s forthcoming album Strange Mercy, out September 13 on 4AD. It features a sweet squelching-synth outro. (Photo by Tina Tyrell.)