Fatty Fatty Fat-Fat.

(That episode of the Simpsons still makes me laugh.)

Seriously cool Denton band with a giggle-inducing name—Fatty Lumpkin—plays Friday night, January 27th at 2826 Arnetic, downtown Dallas. It’s the release of the trio’s new EP called Let It Play, and you’re going to experience a very cool show. You’re going to see Kelyn Crapp, who is an outstanding guitarist, along with bassist and vocalist Seth Myers (not Meyers; that Seth is on SNL) and drummer/percussionist Matt Dixon.

And it’s also the Dallas stop of this year’s Waka Winter Classic. You will ensure Fatty wins a spot at Wakarusa (the SXSW of the Ozarks) when you scream and yell and throw undergarments onstage. By the way, Kelyn is the guitarist for early KXT first-week-ever-on-the-air local music alum Andrew Tinker, whom you can see March 22nd at the Kessler.

—Joe K

Fatty Lumpkin New Release "Let It Play