About KXT 91.7

KERA-KXT_Logo_Color_GradientKXT 91.7 FM is one of the public broadcasting stations operated by North Texas Public Broadcasting, a not-for-profit media network that also includes KERA 90.1 FM, KERA TV, KERA WORLD and Art&Seek. KXT began broadcasting in November 2009 and has a Triple-A (Adult Album Alternative) music format with a mix of acoustic, alt-country, indie rock, alternative and world music.

KXT 91.7 has been recognized as the public Triple-A music station with the largest national audience, according to media and marketing research firm Arbitron, Inc.’s Spring 2013 ratings report. Additionally, the station has a large online audience of listeners from all over the world and thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Voices on KXT