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Fifteen years after “The Fragile Army,” the Polyphonic Spree continues evolving

The Polyphonic Spree, clad in black military fatigues, faces the camera

With the release of The Fragile Army, much was made, 15 years ago, of the Polyphonic Spree’s wardrobe change from white choir robes to black military fatigues. What was lost in the sartorial novelty is, perhaps, a bit clearer in hindsight: However Tim DeLaughter and his creative collaborators choose to attire themselves or present their… Read more »

The KXT Local Show — December 13, 2018

Check out which local artists you heard on the KXT Local Show with Amy Miller, Thursday, Dec. 13! Want to submit music for consideration on the show? Send streaming and download links (.wav files) to [email protected].