Author: Justin Bowers


Inhaler began when they got together while attending St. Andrews College in 2012. The band took their time and learned their craft the old-fashioned way, through lots of touring rehearsals and trial and error. After years of hard work, things started to pay off in 2018 when several self-released singles took off eventually placing them… Read more »


With their new album El Mirador, Calexico raises the bar once again – and dropped in for their second KXT Live Session prior to their show at the Granada Theater.


Following a two-year break between live studio performances, KXT was honored to welcome Gus and Joe to re-christen the space and talk about their new album.

KXT Turns 10

This fall, join us as KXT 91.7 celebrates 10 years on the air with an exciting lineup of activities and events — all leading up to our birthday concert, KXT Turns 10 featuring Grace Potter!