Author: Alan Melson

tumblr_lydo5yMpBz1qb97ja Fatty Fatty Fat-Fat. (That episode of the Simpsons still makes me laugh.) Seriously cool Denton band with a giggle-inducing name—Fatty Lumpkin—plays Friday night, January 27th at 2826 Arnetic, downtown Dallas. It’s the release of the trio’s new EP called Let It Play, and you’re going to experience a very cool show. You’re going to… Read more »

From Joe K. This is my boy Tony. He just turned four. He has his mommy’s beautiful blue eyes. He’s going to be a doctor; I have pre-determined his future and he will have nothing to do with radio or music. Just kidding. He’s such a funny kid; he makes us laugh like crazy. This… Read more »

From Joe K. I guess my claim to fame, if you want to call it that, was that I worked on the very first Beavis and Butthead cartoon. Yeah, I did. I was a cel painter (we weren’t using computers in those days, Sonny). Don’t tell Mike Judge this, but I painted the cels he… Read more »

tumblr_lwmulebX3Q1qb97ja Little Black Dress From Joe K. First of all, have a very Merry Whatever It Is That You Celebrate. (Mine’s Christmas!) And here is my present to you… a song that I really, really like, from a band I really, really like. Song is called “To Do With You,” and it’s brand spankin’ new;… Read more »