The KXT Local Show: Daniel Hsu, Averi Burk, & Lou CharLe$, Phantomelo, Ghost Cloak

This week we looked back at some of our favorite NTX songs from 2022. It was tough to narrow it down to one hour and it reminded me that this time last year I thought the same thing. (Totally putting it on my list to ask for two hours for our year-end recap next year.) Buckle up for a playlist from Phantomelo, Yeah Huh, Ariel + The Culture, Pearl Earl, Toadies, and more!

You can see the entire playlist after this week’s highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, submit your music here.


Daniel Hsu, Averi Burk, & Lou CharLe$

Cliburn medalist Daniel Hsu, rocker Averi Burk, and rapper Lou CharLe$ merge their unique styles to create an amazing song in “Free”.  This song was created as a partnership between Hear Fort Worth and the international piano competition The Cliburn.



This video also ended up on our list of 10 favorite North Texas music videos of 2022, and for good reason! There’s wrestling! There’s a giant shark! And a giant panda! What more do we need?!?


Ghost Cloak

The Mckinney artist quickly grabbed our attention this year with “On The Line”- a song about anxiety and depression. Want to learn more? Check out this article that KXT writer Waffles wrote.


The KXT Local Show- 12/29/2022

Daniel Hsu, Averi Burk, & Lou CharLe$- Free

Phantomelo- Shark Attack

Northlake- California Bride

Pearl Earl- Evil Does It

Electric Tongues (feat. Loren Kole)- Sweet

Ariel + The Culture- Dizzy

Toadies- Sound and Vision

The Wee-Beasties- Shred Season

BeMyFiasco- U And I

Tears- Diamantes

Bastards of Soul- Glass of Ashes

Remy Reilly- Avalanche

Ghost Cloak- On The Line

Parker Twomey- Counting Down The Days

Yeah Huh- Candlestick Park

Sleepy Atlantis- You Could Be Happy Again


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