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I was going to climb the KXT tower and hang a bandana with giant braids today in honor of Willie Nelson’s 79th Birthday, but there is a chance of thunderstorms so here’s an inspiring picture instead.  Happy Birthday Willie! -Mark

Are you as confused as I am why Lana Del Rey is being attacked by the same critics who were praising her last summer?  Well this piece of animation from Taiwan will sum it up in about 1 minute.  This proves once again that it’s generally a good idea to get an outside perspective. -Mark… Read more »

Wednesday was Tom Waits’ birthday, which I celebrated by drinking whiskey and listening to perhaps the best non-traditional holiday song, “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis.”  It also reminded me of perhaps the greatest ever mash-up with the great Tom Waits and Cookie Monster.  After you watch it you will kick yourself for not… Read more »

Black Friday Record Releases

While Record Store Day isn’t until April, Black Friday is also a great day for exclusive vinyl releases at independent record stores, like our friends at Good Records.  Among the highlights, The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” with another song from the upcoming album El Camino, “Run Right Back”, Jimmy Cliff Sacred Fire EP, Ryan Adams… Read more »