The KXT Local Show: Black Tie Dynasty, Cassandra May Lorance, Lorelei K

Dallas chimed in heavy last week, and this week the rest of NTX responded. We got new tracks out of Funkytown from rockers Black Tie Dynasty, psych rock group Hive Mind Honey, and the stirring ballad “Be Here Now” from Cassandra May Lorance. We also got to hear the first release of the year from Garland garage band duo Market Zero and checked back in with Irving hip-hop artist Byron Davis Jr. 

Check out the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, send your songs in here.


Black Tie Dynasty

Hurricane gives us a sneak peek of the indie rocker’s first full release in over a decade. Watch for Steady to drop in Spring.


Cassandra May Lorance

Lorance fell in love with music at a very early age- she first started singing with the Texas Girls’ Choir at just 9 years old. “Be Here Now” is a hauntingly beautiful song that puts Lorance’s vocals on full display. The song was produced by fellow Fort Worth musician Ben C. Jones.

Lorelei K

The Dallas-based dream pop band was touring in support of its last album, Gucci Doom, when band members realized that audiences seemed to be drawn to a song that wasn’t included on the record. When Lorelei K got back to Dallas, they immediately went to the studio and recorded it. KXT writer Preston Jones caught up with frontwoman Dahlia Knowles to talk about the tour and the premiere the new song “Axe And Tree.”


The KXT Local Show – 1/25/24

Black Tie Dynasty – Hurricane

After A Night Of Unsettling Dreams – I Lost My Heart In San Francisco

Piper Byers – Meadow

David Forsyth feat. Frankie Leonie – Love Comes Back Around

Lorelei K – Axe And Tree

Slow Joy – I Don’t Hate You

Chris J Norwood & The Knockdown Dragout – Knockdown Dragout

Market Zero – Insufferable

Itchy Richie And The Burning Sensations – Lighten My Heart (Revised)

Loren Kole – Medusa

Byron Davis Jr. – I Need That Energy

Visitor Parking – Clean Up


Sleepy Atlantis – You Could Be Happy Again

Hive Mind Honey – Drum The Earth

Cassandra May Lorance – Be Here Now


Featured Image: Cassandra May Lorance. Photo: Carey Durham.

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