Before headlining the Majestic Theatre, Abraham Alexander reflects on game-changing 2023

Seated in a theater, Abraham Alexander faces the camera

Abraham Alexander
Photo: Crystal Wise

Fort Worth-based singer-songwriter Abraham Alexander will undoubtedly look back on 2023 with fond memories.

In the spring, he released his debut LP, SEA/SONS, to widespread acclaim, and spent much of the year touring, either as an opening act for artists like the Dave Matthews Band, the Lumineers and Shakey Graves, among others, or as a headliner. But before he wraps up this profile-raising year, he’s preparing to play one more gig at Dallas’ Majestic Theatre on Dec. 14, with Jackson Scribner opening.

Alexander talked about the whirlwind of his career to date and much more in a recent conversation, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity, below.

We spoke almost exactly two years ago around this time, and I wondered: If I had told you then all that was going to happen, what would your reaction have been?

Alexander: “I probably would have slapped you. [Laughter] Yeah, it’s crazy.”

What has it been like for you to have people take the songs you’ve written, stories you’ve shared and see their reactions to it? Because I have to imagine it’s been pretty overwhelming.

Alexander: “That’s probably the best word for it — overwhelming — and I see the weight of music firsthand, and what it’s like to be responsible for a community that you get to create, and it’s beautiful. … Now I’m seeing the weight of it from people all over, and I’m reminded of the power of music and how it can help lift the heaviest load off, and make people feel like they’re connected.”

You found yourself in multiple incredible situations this year — performing at the Gorge in Washington state, selling out three nights at the Kessler Theater, among others — how have you kept yourself putting one foot in front of the other?

Alexander: “It hasn’t been easy, but I’m thankful for the people around me that are able to be honest. I think community is so important, and I’m thankful for people that are … able to sort of speak life into me, whether that’s with a feather or a heavy hand. … My family, my community and my faith has been the remedy to help me with this year.”

This is probably like asking you to pick your favorite finger, but are there stand-out memories from the year you reflect back on and are like, “I can’t believe that happened”?

Alexander: “There are a few — I think going on tour with the Lumineers in Europe was very, very magical, and to experience Europe in that way with that band. … Opening up for Dave Matthews at the Gorge, but number one would have to be my very first headlining tour that just wrapped up. … That, to me, is undefeated … my very first headlining tour, and for it to be successful, and seeing the people that are making this dream of mine possible.”

What does it mean to you to headline the Majestic Theatre?

Alexander: “I went to a show [there] in April of 2018. And I said to myself, one day I would get to play this venue. To have experienced what I have, in the last five years, and to have this particular year that I just went through, and at the end of that to play this show — like, I could cry, bro — it shows you that it’s a journey, and not a destination. So this is seriously a thank you show, and a way for me to sort of … say thank you, this is who I am, this is my artistry, this is what I look like, this is what my vision is. … I can’t wait to be in that room with people that love me … it’s going to be a really, really beautiful night.”

Abraham Alexander at Majestic Theatre, Dallas. 8 p.m. Dec. 14. Tickets are $26-$64.

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