KXT’s Song Of The Day: Allison Ponthier, Babe Rainbow, Paul McCartney, Sean Della Croce, Marvin Gaye

I love music. And as a music-lover, I look for comfort from my favorite songs if the going gets tough or simply need a pick-me-up. While I know neither a song or the artist hold the answers to life, the right combination of music or lyrics can be enough to make it to the next day. Being understood, the commiseration of a shared humanity is comfort alone.

KXT’s Music Director, Gini Mascorro, has selected five tracks for the many feelings we all may encounter throughout the week, whether it’s the realization of being our harshest critic, the desire to be held, or simply the need to push away the rainy day blues.

MONDAY, 5/17/21: Allison Ponthier – Harshest Critic

If the loudest voice in our head is our very own savage inner critic, this new track from the former Dallasite Allison Ponthier is a soothing and honest reflection of why we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be held captive by that.

TUESDAY, 5/18/21: The Babe Rainbow – Ready For Tomorrow

“You’ve got the time for peace of mind.” And if you’re motivated to chase away the rainy Tuesday blahs, our favorite new Australian import, The Babe Rainbow, has you sorted. With it’s beachy  vibes, retro visuals, and all around feel-good sound, it’s the perfect tune to release you from life’s mundanities.

WEDNESDAY, 5/19/21: Paul McCartney (ft. Beck) – Find My Way

Featuring some funky assist from Beck, this new and reimagined remix of Sir Paul McCartney’s “Find My Way,” offers up some motivation for keeping the anxiety at bay and not second-guessing yourself at every turn. This track is part of McCartney’s latest star-studded project, McCartney III Imagined, which features fresh-takes on McCartney’s past work by artists like: Khruangbin, Radiohead’s guitarist, Ed O’Brien, Damon Albarn and many others .


THURSDAY, 5/20/21: Sean Della Croce – Break In The Rain

“I want people to feel held when they listen to this song,” is how the Nashville poet and golden-piped Sean Della Croce described this spellbinding new track to American Songwriter. And with Vince Gill on lead guitar, her wish is our command.

FRIDAY, 5/21/21: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

Five decades ago Marvin Gaye asked the world “what’s going on?” Fifty years have passed since he posed this question and the power of his stroke of genius and beauty still compels us. Inspired by his brother Frankie’s homecoming from Vietnam, “What’s Going On” timelessly points out the obvious while never ditching faith in our shared humanity.


If you enjoyed these tunes and want to take them with you, we have made a playlist compiling these picks on our Spotify.

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