KXT’s Song Of The Day: Girl In Red, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Best Coast, Black Pumas & Lucius, Cas Haley

Welcome to this week’s installment of Song of The Day! Between celebrating International’s Women’s Day and marking the one-year anniversary since the country shut down due to COVID-19, it’s been an eventful week.

Every weekday, KXT Music Director, Gini Mascorro, brings us a song meant to capture the day’s essence. We then gather them all for you and provide our thought process into the selection of each song. Plus, we create a playlist on Spotify!

MONDAY, 3/8/21: Girl In Red – Serotonin

With her new single, “Serotonin,” Norwegian indie pop artist Marie Ulven, aka Girl In Red, offers up a brutally honest summation for the times when our brain chemistry isn’t our best friend, singing the praises of better living through chemistry. The punch-packed vocals followed by its ascending chorus make that rush of serotonin come to life in song-form.


TUESDAY, 3/9/21: Aaron Lee Tasjan – Don’t Overthink It

Nashville’s Aaron Lee Tasjan sets the tone with this spacey- track, “Don’t Overthink It.” Tasjan encourages listeners to let the pieces fall into place on their own, to not catastrophize and take ourselves too seriously, while keeping the door wide open for the other possibilities waiting in the wings. With warmer weather approaching, this song is perfect for an afternoon drive with the windows rolled down. His latest album Tasjan, Tasjan, Tasjan! is out now.


WEDNESDAY, 3/10: Best Coast – Master Of My Own Mind

If we could tell Best Coast’s Bethany Consentino one thing it would be “same.” Consentino is a master in penning lyrics about emotions that we had not yet admitted to our own selves and does it with such ease. “For me it’s always something/Even when I say it’s nothing.” Keeping it together these days takes effort, but the grand payoff helps propel us forward. This 2020 track from Best Coast exemplifies both the pain and joy of self-autonomy.


THURSDAY, 3/11/21: Black Pumas & Lucius – Strangers

Here at KXT, we appreciate a good cover song. Joining forces with the mighty Lucius, Austin’s Black Pumas do this Kinks fan favorite some suave and soulful justice, making the refrain of “Strangers on this road we are on/We are not two, we are one” doubly resonant here in the pandemic era.


FRIDAY, 3/12/21: Cas Haley – All The Right People

Paris, Texas singer-songwriter, Cas Haley, brings this joyful tune to welcome the start of the weekend. It is the perfect track to listen to while hanging out with your favorite people. Or the perfect track to listen while pretending to hang out with your favorite people (remember people?). If the song’s melodies don’t make you crack a smile, watch the music video which is filled with laughter, goofy faces, and musicians clearly enjoying the fruits of their craft. You can read more about Cas Haley and this single in Art&Seek’s Music Minute.


And for your enjoyment, take these tunes with you with this Spotify playlist, including all of this month’s picks so far.

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