KXT Interview: Reinventing Jude

Reinventing Jude is a powerhouse of great songs and unforgettable live shows led by the soulful & prolific singer-songwriter that is Jude Gonzalez.


Photo courtesy of the artist

Our own Amy Miller spoke with the Dallas-based musician in celebration of Local Music Month here at KXT, asking her to reflect on the unique culture of the North Texas music scene:


Amy Miller: Thinking about the local music scene here in North Texas as you’ve experienced it, what has been one of your favorite memories?

Jude Gonzalez: One of the most magical nights I ever experienced was the night of the Radiohead tribute show at Denton’s Harvest House, featuring Bigger Than Bliss performing OK Computer and In Rainbows performed by Rabbits in Headlights. Talk about an all-star cast! Artists from all over D-FW came together to recreate one of the most epic performances I have ever seen!


AM: Do you have a favorite local show that you’ve attended? What stands out to you from that show, and why?

JG: My favorite local show of all time happened at one of my favorite posthumous dives, The Crown and Harp, and entailed a whimsical, unpredictable Paul Slavens welcoming song requests off of paper napkins. It stood out to me because writing complete songs with multiple movements or key changes with a full band on a whim — not to mention last-minute lyrics — is no easy task. But sure enough, leave it to Paul to take a napkin phrase like “Ebola of Love,” and turn it into one of the most memorable tunes I can ever remember hearing at Crown and Harp.


AM: Who are some North Texas artists that you admire?

JG: There are so many talented and inspiring artists here I don’t even know where to begin!

Poppy Xander has got to be one of the most versatile, disciplined, and magnificent musicians I’ve known in my 11 years in Dallas. Wade Campbell’s brainchild PocketBook is like a Dallas version of Hiatus Kaiyote, only with three singers. Ashley Falgout will blow you back into your own heart in a full-band outfit, or solo with all that soul in her blues. Shelley Carrol will make you want to pull out your Lester Young records and slow dance the night away with your sweetheart. Jacob Metcalf will cast all of the magic spells on you with his low tender crooning. Garret Owen‘s songs will take you to another place. Nigel Newton will seriously blow your mind with a vibraphone. Gaika James will make you feel like you are in New Orleans. The Funky Knuckles will make you want to slap your own face.

And that’s just the beginning! The musician family here in North Texas is huge, and it’s been amazing to see it grow so much. There is a lot of love here, and it’s beautiful to me the way we all support, inspire and  encourage one another. I continue to find myself so grateful to be surrounded by so many talented and inspiring individuals here in North Texas.


AM: What is one local album that you think everyone should check out?

JG: One of my favorite local albums is titled Indian Summer by The Hendersons. It’s a really sweet, unique, and cheerful record.


AM: Are you working on anything new at the moment that we can look forward to?

JG: Yes! As a matter of fact, I have been working with Casey Di’Iorio on recording two singles from the 100 Days of Songwriting project I completed back in 2016 (check out the band page for more). Our Valve Studio guests on “Day/Song #7,” and “Inside Voice (Stop Talking)” include Clay Pendergrass on bass, Michael Jerome Moore on drums, and Nigel Newton on vibraphone, keys & mellotron.

After these releases, I would love to embark upon recording an album from the 100 Days of Songwriting. That being said, I suppose my next task is picking ten out of 98 more songs, and growing them to capture with an eclectic collective.

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This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity by Katy Voyles.