The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Blog for May 31, 2015

  • Tasmin Archer – Shipbuilding – Tasmin Archer – Best Of
  • John Coltrane – After The Rain – Impressions
  • Toro Y Moi – New Beat – Underneath The Pines
  • Poppy Xander – Sonny – Little Ghost EP
  • Giraffage – Chocolate – No Reason
  • The Undertones – Teenage Kicks – The Best of The Undertones
  • Roxy Music – More Than This – Avalon
  • The Tallest Man On Earth – 1904 – There’s No Leaving Now
  • Twin Peaks Soundtrack – Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) – Soundtrack From Twin Peaks
  • Galimatias & Alina Baraz – Pretty Thoughts – Urban Flora EP
  • Don Fardon – I’m Alive – Pop Masters
  • Judy Collins – Pirate Jenny – In My Life
  • David Bowie – Sound and Vision – Low
  • Big Little Lions – You Make Me Smile – The Time Is Now – Single
  • Pops Staples – Gotta Serve Somebody – Don’t Lose This
  • Eartha Kitt – Champagne Taste – In Person At The Plaza
  • Pet Shop Boys – Rent (2003 Digital Remaster) – PopArt: The Hits
  • Tower Of Power – You’re Still A Young Man – Rhino Hi-Five: Tower of Power
  • Rahim Quazi – Ghost Hunting – Ghost Hunting
  • Lavender Diamond – Dragonfly – Incorruptible Heart
  • Bombino – Azamane Tiliade – Nomad [+digital booklet]
  • Du Blonde – Mind Is On My Mind (feat. Samuel T. Herring) – Welcome Back To Milk
  • The Judys – Guyana Punch – Washarama
  • Knife – Kino – The Knife
  • John Lurie – Big Trouble – African Swim and Manny & Lo – Two Film Scores By John Lurie
  • Ann-Margret – The Lady Loves Me (Take 9) – The Very Best Of Ann-Margret
  • Joan Osborne – St. Teresa – The Best Of Joan Osborne 20th Cent Masters
  • Tom Waits – Danny Says
  • Anya Marina – Destroy Everything – Felony Flats
  • Chelsea Wolfe – Flatlands – Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs

Good Evening. It is lovely out tonight and (dare we think it?) it appears the rain has finally moved on. Let the gorgeous weather begin.

This is where you leave your suggestions for music. I go looking through all the suggestions and find as much as I can, then pick from that, so go ahead and give me several suggestions. Love all kinds of styles and genres and time periods. Make sure the lyrics are clean, please. I don’t play stuff over 6 minutes long.

New to me this week:

  • Tasmin Archer
  • Giraggafe
  • The Undertones
  • Galimatias and Alina Baraz
  • Don Fardon
  • Big Little Lions
  • Lavender Diamond
  • Bombino
  • Du Blonde
  • Anya Marina
  • Chelsea Wolfe

59 comments on “The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Blog for May 31, 2015

  1. tracy on

    just love that that twin peaks sound–for those old enough to remember when TV shows had original music soundtracks-especially when David Lynch was involved! Never too much Roxy music!

  2. Rafael on

    Hello Paul,
    Clark Terry&The Oscar Peterson Trio-Mumbles
    Hadda Brooks-I Hadn’t Anyone Till You- From The Bogart film In A Lonely Place
    Al DiMeola-Black Cat Shuffle
    Helen Merrill and The Gil Evans Orchestra-Dream of You
    Milkcow’s Calf Blues-Robert Johnson

    • Brad Quinn on

      I don’t know just what there is to get, the only thing I can say for sure is I ain’t found it yet.

  3. Hannah Marie on

    Hello! Okay so one of my favorite genres of music is electro swing, and I think it’d be right up your alley:
    Princess Crocodile by Gry
    Sunny Side of the Street by Shazalakazoo
    Social Know How by JFB

  4. Cat Oninefails Antón on

    Paul Slavens!!! You’re the best! Thanks for enjoying my selections enough to play them! =)

  5. Thomas Lake on

    The Beatles “Her Majesty”
    Pink Floyd “Stop”
    The Beach Boys – “Our Prayer”
    David Bowie “Breaking Glass”
    The Kinks “Gotta Get the First Plane Home”
    The Rolling Stones “Not Fade Away”
    Cat Stevens “The Wind”
    Elvis Costello “Welcome to the Working Week”
    Jethro Tull – Cheap Day Return and Wond’ring Aloud

  6. Mintas Lanxor on

    Including one John Coltrane tune or one Oscar Peterson number in an almost entirely pop and rock playlist doesn’t make you eclectic – just paying lip service to eclecticism. No classical music, hardly any traditional folk numbers from overseas? The genre omissions are too numerous to mention. Maybe the station put a muzzle on you, but I suspect that it’s more of a case of letting your true predilections
    win over your original concept. The only truly uncompromising, all-inclusive radio program which tried to achieve a balance of different types of music in each and every show for over 20 years was the now defunct Global Mix on KNTU.

    • J Paul Slavens on

      and your music suggestions for next week are?…
      hey man, I try to mix things up but if you want something more, just let me know.
      I try to leave my predilections at home, I mostly listen to weird electronic music and 20th Century classical.
      since I moved to KXT I have moved the show away from the wildly eclectic to more of a wide range of what the listeners suggest.
      but hey, for you, I will throw in some classical this week and there was already gonna be few jazz things. and I will play some country too. probably some punk. maybe some world music. some folk. probably some rock. always a bunch of indie too cuz lots of people suggest it. But I will try to be a bit more eclectic.
      thanks for taking a notice.

  7. Mintas Lanxor on

    Hi, Paul,

    Any explanation as to why you (or someone from the station) removed the two comments submitted by me? The first one was critical of your selection diversity, and the second stated that I don’t listen to KXT that often. Neither used foul language. Are your criteria for inclusion fawning listener comments only that will feed into your fragile ego? Seems to me they are, judging by a glance at other posts, not all of whom are suggestions for airplay. However, one thing to remember is that any music show relying heavily on listeners’ requests inevitably turns into a reflection of the general public’s mediocre taste.

    Hey, feel free to delete this one too even though I’m convinced that you won’t need additional encouragement after reading it. It’s obvious that building a sycophantic fan base is much more important to you than the music or any scintilla of outspoken criticism that might improve your show.

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