The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Blog for January 12 2014

Juana Molina – Eras – Wed 21
Leon Redbone – Extra Blues – Branch To Branch
Prince – Strollin’ – Diamonds And Pearls
Jherek Bischoff – Eyes (feat. David Byrne) – Composed
Ramones – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker – Rocket To Russia
Jack White & Alicia Keys – Another Way To Die – Another Way To Die
Herman’s Hermits – “Mrs. Brown – You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” – Herman’s Hermits Their Greatest Hits
Tennis – Mean Streets – Small Sound
Pretty Lights – Yellow Bird (Michal Menert Remix) – A Color Map of the Sun Remixes
Roger Waters – 4:41AM (Sexual Revolution) – The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
Arcade Fire – Games Without Frontiers – And I’ll Scratch Yours
Mitchell Froom – The Bunny – Dopamine
Thievery Corporation – Until The Morning – The Richest Man In Babylon
Geoffrey Oryema – Nomad – Beat the Border

Cate Le Bon – Are You With Me Now? – Mug Museum
Les Baxter – Chopin – Prelude In E Minor – Moog Rock: Great Classic Hits
Xiu Xiu – Don’t Explain – Nina
Simon & Garfunkel – “For Emily – Whenever I May Find Her” – “Parsley – Sage – Rosemary And Thyme”
The Flaming Lips – Peace Sword (Open Your Heart) [feat. Tobacco] – Peace Sword
Charlie Parker – Ah-Leu-Cha – The Complete Savoy Sessions Master Takes
Hot Tuna – 99 Year Blues – Burgers
Cursive – The Recluse (Single Version) – The Recluse
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again – You Won’t Let Me Down Again
Devo – Peek-A-Boo – Oh No! It’s Devo
White Denim – Drug – D
Wynonie Harris – Good Rockin’ Tonight – Rockabilly Bbq
Bill Callahan – Javelin Unlanding – Dream River
Lord Sitar – I Am the Walrus – “Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers – Vol. 1”
Gang Of Four – What We All Want – Return The Gift


Windy and mild, a nice change, in my opinion.  Got some interesting tunes , thanks to last weeks blog.  This is where you can help make next sundays show great.   Leave your polite comments and suggestions here.   Leave a link to where we can buy or listen to the music.   Nothing over 6 minutes, please.  And make sure the lyrics are FCC happy.   Its great to have Youtube links, but I wont be able to play it unless I find a legal download.

New to me this week:

Jherek Bischoff

Geoffrey Oryema


Isobel Campbell

White Denim

Wynonie Harris

Lord Sitar

  • pslavens_kera

    Me : Here You: Here Lets go.

  • Andrew

    ‘Animal Games’ by Emiliana Torrini
    ‘When A Good Thing Dies’ by Snorri Helgason
    ‘Long Horn’ by Woven Hand
    ‘Tim-Tay-Shun’ by Red Ingle & Jo Stafford (1940’s Singer and Actress)

    • pslavens_kera

      Thanks ! Some things I know and some I dont. Perfect!!

  • listenermark

    That Juana Molina record is good all the way thru. Good pick.

  • Rafael
    • pslavens_kera

      Thanks, some nice things here

  • Brad Quinn

    Ella Fitzgerald – “So In Love”
    Jayne County – “Stuck On You”

    • pslavens_kera


  • ray_worth

    Donovan – Season of the Witch
    Something by Big Head Todd and the Monsters

    • pslavens_kera

      very good

      • pslavens_kera

        It might not be something they want to play.
        I will spin that tune every great now and again.
        Its kind of a staple of Classic Rock stations so I feel like it gets
        played a lot in other places. Still, every once in a while.

        • ray_worth

          Hmmm. I never hear it but then I gave up on classic rock stations a long time ago.

          • pslavens_kera

            I will check when the last time I played it was, but I will prolly just spin it anyways for you.

          • ray_worth

            Well maybe someone’s cover of it. Too bad Vanilla Fudge’s version is 9 minutes long. 🙂

    • Brad Quinn

      I can’t believe I have heard Donovan during “regular hours”. I keep requesting it and they keep ignoring me.

    • ray_worth

      Uncle Lucius – Keep the Wolves Away

      • ray_worth

        One more – Peaches by The Stranglers

      • ray_worth

        Sorry Paul, I deleted the Stranglers request. It had a non FCC friendly word in it. Maybe something else by them?

  • Jus’ Sayin’


    Do you have any playlists shared on Youtube or Soundcloud?
    I’d love to check ’em out!

    The mix I’m linking to is pretty long but!

    If I had to break it up and play favorites it’d be these two:
    23:10 – Psychemagic, Wake Up Everybody
    48:00 – Roland Bautista, Gone

    The Bautista, especially, was a revelation.

  • Evan Voorn

    It’s completely worth keeping the Golden Globes on mute to listen to your show, hope to hear some of these next week…
    Electric Light Orchestra – Roll over Beethoven (from The Night the Light Went on in Long Beach)
    The Bluestars – Social End Product
    The Bright Light Social Hour – Back and Forth
    d.o.c.h. – Was in der Zeitung Steht
    Captain Beefheart – Safe as Milk (Take 5)

    • pslavens_kera

      Thanks. I guess I didnt know the Golden Globes were on. Its always something on Sunday night. sigh.
      Thanks for a cool list BTW

    • Thomas Lake

      I had the album ‘The Night the Lights went on in Long Beach’
      Another cool track is ‘Day Tripper’.

  • Jus’ Sayin’


    Do you have any playlists shared on Youtube or Soundcloud?
    I’d love to check ’em out!

    The mix I’m linking to is pretty long but!

    If I had to break it up and play favorites it’d be these two:
    23:10 – Psychemagic, Wake Up Everybody
    48:00 – Roland Bautista, Gone

    The Bautista, especially, was a revelation.

    • pslavens_kera

      I post my playlist at the end of the show. It will appear at the top of the blog. You can go back on the KXT blog page and find old shows.

  • Rachael Currie

    Hi guys! I’d love to request the music of Local Dallas Artist, Stuart Todd Whitworth. He’s a hidden gem! You can check out one of my favorite songs of his here:

    Thanks for making driving fun 🙂


    • pslavens_kera

      Thanks, I will check it out !!

  • Steve
    • pslavens_kera

      super list!! Thanks !!

  • Family Magill

    In honor of the ALMOST SOLD OUT musical kicking off next week “ON THE EVE” at Theater 3 , we need to spin some HOME BY HOVERCRAFT! The Song ZOO LION would be cool.

    • pslavens_kera

      Hey friends. I will do my part and play some next week. In the meantime, look at you embedding a nice playable link. xo

  • Lourdes Pelaez

    Hi Paul!

    Natalie Merchant- Verdi cries

    Molly Nilsson- 8000 days

    Francoiz Breut- Km 83

    Izaline Calister- Mi Pais

    See you soon! xo

    • pslavens_kera

      I am not really a Natalie Merchant fan, but for you, anything.

      • Lourdes Pelaez

        ♥ ♥ ♥

        • Thomas Lake

          I saw her at Moody Colliseum many years ago. She was wonderful.

  • callan c

    The long running and ultra prolific musical project of one James Jackson Toth and a revolving cast of various collaborators.

    Wooden Wand – (I’m Afraid of) Little GIrls

    • pslavens_kera

      hmmm ok
      looks intriguing

  • Kyle

    Hey Paul. Always look forward to Sunday evening listening to your show.

    Here’s something completely different, which I know you like. Nightingale Trio is band with a local connection that is going to be on Prairie Home Companion on Jan 25. Three gals who sing Baltic and Slavic music. They met in the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus and now have their own group. Beautiful and exotic.

    One of the members is here locally, Rachel Laviola and she has a world music group, The Obscure Dignitaries, with some of the members of the SMU Meadows World Music Ensemble. Some slavic but more than that. We have enjoyed live performances of both groups and worth your listeners’ time.

    Thanks and keep it up!

    • pslavens_kera

      thanks, nice to know you are out there diggin it.
      I will look into this interesting stuff. Thanks.

  • Jim Morrison

    It’s reunion week down in NOLA for one of my all time most favorite bands, The Radiators. They retired from the road in 2011 but play a 3 night reunion run every Jan. I won’t make it this year sadly. So play me so Rads Sir Paul!

    The Radiators – Soul on Fire (acoustic) from the CD the Last Watusi

    Amazon – From the Disc 1 set of mp3s 4:43 length

    Youtube (Video from the show is of two songs, Soul on Fire is the second song about 4 min in)

    • pslavens_kera

      very nice,thanks

  • Garrison Jahmir

    Slapp Happy – Casablanca Moon

    The 5uu’s – Bachelor Needle

    Henry Cow – Nine Funeral’s of the citizen king

  • Megan

    Here’s one from a Denton artist:
    Richard Gilbert – Faraway Girl

  • Jerem69

    Here’s a fresh request:
    Fresh Garbage,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

  • Thomas Lake

    Sam Cooke – ‘Summertime’ from “The Legend Of Same Cooke”
    Til Tuesday – ‘David Denies’ from ‘Welcome Home’
    Avicii – ‘Wake Me Up’ from ‘True’
    Neko Case is coming up, so :
    Neko Case and the Sadies – ‘If you Knew’ from ‘The Tigers Have Spoken’

  • Brandi Hammond

    Hey there Mr. Slavens I really enjoyed Cursive, it reminded me a bit of the Cure. Have you heard of

    These Wild Plains?

    or the 1970’s Detroit band Death?

  • Frank A Rincon

    Nice playlist.

  • Rafael

    Hey Paul,
    LCD Soundsystem-North American Scum

  • paclingan1992

    A couple years ago I discovered a well obscured punk band from the mid ’90s called Stiffs, Inc. The more music I heard and more I learned about this band the more passionate I got about their short-lived career. While they may have flopped financially and remained largely unheard, they did something really special with what music they were able to publish and it would be fantastic to hear them on the radio for the first time. I have excitedly listened to KXT for about as long as I’ve known of Stiffs, Inc. and if I could successfully request one song for your show it would be their song The Magician which can be surprisingly found on iTunes, Spotify and other services.

  • Em

    Sweet Apple Pies by Rania Khoury (& The Stone Wolves).

  • Em
  • Em
  • Em


  • Eskimo Spy

    Hows about a local band, Analog Drift:


    Not That Bad

    A semi-local band, Austin’s White Denim

    Come Back

    New Blue Feeling

    And Department of Eagles, a not-local band:

    In Ear Park


  • Heather Davis

    Arg – my post disappeared..apologies for any duplicates. Picked up some random vinyl this weekend, lotta pan flute and latin guitar.
    Sukay: Music of the Andes.
    Found the album on iTunes, but not the same track list…..maybe you could play “Puya Raimondi” – that one sounds pretty good 🙂 Thanks as always, can’t wait for my Sunday night KXT!

  • Lynn Atherton

    How about Chase and Get It On In The Morning