The Paul Slavens Show: Playlist and Blog for December 15 2013

French 75 – Blue Skies – Echoes
Squarepusher – I Wish You Could Talk – Go Plastic
Steely Dan – Dirty Work (Album Version) – Can’t Buy A Thrill
St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse – Birth In Reverse
Dark Rooms – Give Up Give In – Dark Rooms
Koop – Koop Island Blues – Koop Islands
The Octopus Project – Death Graduates – Fever Forms
Blackstone Rangers – Frozen Echo – Frozen Echo
Department Of Eagles – Waves Of Rye – In Ear Park
Modest Mouse – Dramamine (Album) – This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About
Portishead – Sour Times – Dummy
The Baptist Generals – Broken Glass – Jackleg Devotional to the Heart
Patti Smith – Summer Cannibals – Gone Again
Daniel Markham – No Mosquitos – Ruined My Life
Gordon Lightfoot – Song For A Winter’s Night – Gord’s Gold
Arctic Monkeys – Only Ones Who Know – Favourite Worst Nightmare
The Civil Wars – Falling – Barton Hollow
Ralph Towner – The Lizards Of Eraclea – Time Line
The Sound of Arrows – Conquest – Voyage
Vulgar Fashion – Pact With The Devil – Vulgar Fashion
Azure Ray – Scattered Like Leaves – As Above So Below
Spot – So Happy – Spatter Splash
Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms – Parallelograms
Spooky Folk – Kicking and Screaming – No Metro Volume One
Françoise Hardy – Des ronds dans l’eau – Ma Jeunesse Fout L’camp
Oneohtrix Point Never – Problem Areas – R Plus Seven
Home By Hovercraft – Out Of My Head With It – Are We Chameleons?
Jessie Frye – White Heat – Obsidian


Hi there!  Welcome to the blog, this is where you leave your song suggestions and polite comments.  Check out what others are suggesting, leave some interesting suggestions and tune in next week to hear how you fit in the mix.
Leave a link if you can to where we can find the music, but remember, just because its on Youtube doesnt mean I will be able to find a download of it.
I like Amazon links best.
Nothing too long, 6 minutes is the cutoff, keep the lyrics  clean.  Beyond that, lets mix it up, I play all kinds of music, jazz, classical, indie, punk, world, whatever.
New to me this week:

Department of Eagles

Ralph Towner

LInda PErhacs

Oneohtrix Point Never

  • pslavens_kera

    I am in the studio. Lets turn each other on !! (to some cool music)

  • ray_worth

    Floyd Cramer – Last Date

    The Easybeats – Friday on My Mind
    RIP Ray Price

    • pslavens_kera

      yeah, kinda sad.

  • Steve

    Flume – More Than You Thought
    Soeur Sourire – Dominique
    Sparklehorse – Jack’s Obsession
    Beats Antique – Beezlebub (feat Les Claypool)
    Bauhaus – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

    • pslavens_kera

      very very nice, thanks

  • Mastodude

    Yo, thanks for that old-school Steely Dan track just now. Their entire discography would fit well in any of your shows, man.

  • Maggie Jones

    The Mars Volta – Televators

    • pslavens_kera

      I want to play this

  • Trice

    What do you think of Left Arm Tan? Can you possibly play something of there’s?

    • pslavens_kera

      i will go looking

  • Andrew

    ‘Forty Days’ by The Devil Makes Three
    ‘Murderous Joy’ by Carter Tanton
    ‘On My Way’ by The Melodic
    ‘Dust in the Wind’ by Murray Head

    • pslavens_kera

      very nice little list

  • Rafael

    Merry Christmas Paul,

    I personally want to thank you for this outlet that you have given us!You remind of Irving “Slim” Rose! Oldie but Goodie,I Believe my old Acapella group was the first group to sing live on his Times Square Broadcast!At That time Times Square Records was the deal! I wanted to give you an early Christmas wish,that all of us love you,and Hoping you have a very Merry Merry Christmas!
    I have only one wish from you Santa!My Daughter requested this tune.
    Deathbed-Bring me the horizon

    • pslavens_kera

      I will look in my bag and see if I can stick it in your stocking

  • Dan

    Any chance of hearing some streetlight manifesto or ska, it’s a guilty pleasure haha

    • pslavens_kera

      probably a very good chance i would say

  • Alex Ozlowski

    Little Chief. They’re a folk band out of Fayetteville, AR, and have a very similar sound to that of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. As of right now, they just have an EP out. The most popular song on the track is “North Carolina, for which I have provided a link. The four other songs on the EP are excellent as well.

    • pslavens_kera

      thanks I will check it out

  • Lourdes Pelaez

    Hello Paul!

    The Kinks- I go to sleep

    Laurie Anderson- Born, never asked

    Astrud Gilberto- A certain sadness

    Brian Eno- Sky saw

    Pink Martini- Autrefois

    Cheers! xo

    • pslavens_kera

      nice to have you back. xo

  • Chance Eubanks

    Here’s a mixed bag of a ton of the music I’ve been listening to lately, hope you enjoy!

    Happens All The Time – Depeche Mode
    Dark, dreamy Electro-Pop from their newest album, Delta Machine. They’ve always made pretty good music.

    St. Elsewhere – Gnarls Barkley
    Nice R&B / Soul track from the album St. Elsewhere. It’s a shame this project didn’t last longer.

    Something In The Way You Are – Kimbra
    Dreamy Pop from one of the best female vocalists around. This is from her debut album, Vows.

    Gopher Guts – Aesop Rock
    Underground Rap from Aesop’s latest album, Skelethon. His rhymes are filled with witty metaphors.

    Vox in Rama – Giaches de Wert
    Chamber music from the Renaissance period. I’ve had the opportunity to actually perform this piece before, and it’s pretty awesome.

    River Rhine – The Last Bison
    Folk. They used to go by “Bison,” and this is from Quill, the only album they released under that name. There’s a new version of the same track on their new album “Inheritance,” but I like this one better.

    Spacelab – Kraftwerk
    Electronic Pop, some of the first of its kind. From The Man Machine. I know the track is a couple of seconds over the limit, but it’s still cool. Give it a listen if you haven’t heard it before! 🙂

    The Good Soldier – Nine Inch Nails
    Electronic / Alternative Rock from their album, Year Zero. It has a pretty chill vibe throughout despite being about war.

    • pslavens_kera

      far out , thanks !!

  • pslavens_kera

    this is all doable.
    RUSH !!!

  • pslavens_kera

    very nice, I am afraid most of what i get tonite will be on the sunday after Christmas, but I will still try to get most of this. thanks

  • Bernadette Tjarks

    Nancy LaMott, a NYC cabaret singer, had a Christmas CD which is so good — Just in time for Christmas. Try her out! Nancy died of cancer in the 90s. She was quite young.

    • pslavens_kera

      I will check her out, maybe she has some non Christmas music I can play after Christmas thanks

  • Paul Muller

    Margo Guryan – Timothy Gone 1969
    Scarlett Johanson & Lulu Gainsbourg – Bonnie & Clyde 2011
    Moi Caprice – A City Winter 2010
    Barbarossa – Turbine 2013

    • pslavens_kera

      this looks very interesting !!!!

      • Paul Muller

        I sent a second set of suggestions a couple of times. Did you get them? I don’t want to send the same set for the third time if you got it already.

        • pslavens_kera

          I dont see it. It didnt come down the pipe, send again.

  • Megan
    • pslavens_kera


  • Regan

    Louis Armstrong – Christmas in New Orleans
    Louis Armstrong – I Get Ideas
    Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong – Under a Blanket of Blue, Moonlight in Vermont
    Ella Fitzgerald – Autumn in New York
    Tom Waits – Picture in a Frame
    Flume – Holdin on
    Kevin Welch “Flycatcher Jack & The Whippoorwill’s Song
    Mouse on Mars – Cache Coeur Naif on Rost Pocks, the EP collection

    • pslavens_kera

      some nice oldies and some new stuff i havent heard !!!great !!

  • Garrison Jahmir

    Fred Frith – In The Winter of 64
    Angels of Light – Praise Your Name
    Dagmar Krause – wake up angel
    Katia & Marielle labeque – premiere gymnopedie

    • pslavens_kera

      very nice, thanks, always interested in what you come up with.

  • Alex Ozlowski

    Really digging this current set (Sound of Arrows, etc.) I’ve been studying for final exams for hours now, so the life in these songs is refreshing. Thanks, Paul.

    • pslavens_kera

      this makes me very happy

  • Chance Eubanks

    This “pact with the devil” song is freaking sick! Love it!

    • pslavens_kera

      yeah man, great local group Vulgar Fashion !! like em on Facebook and tell em you found them on my show !!!!

  • Rafael

    Thanks Again Paul,Stellar Work!

  • pslavens_kera

    Thanks for all the suggestions. these will be reflected in the Dec 27th show. See you next week !!!

  • Steve

    Paul, when you get a chance can you please post a playlist.

  • Steve

    Link to a free Flying Lotus compilation album, Ideas+drafts+loops with 24 tracks. (I make no guarantees that any of this is suitable for the show, for personal consumption)