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Cowboy Junkies – Stranger Here

Cowboy Junkies – Stranger Here Cowboy Junkies – “Stranger Here” This track, from the Cowboy Junkies’ latest release, Renmin Park. The album, inspired by guitarist and songwriter Michael Timmins’ three-month family trip to China, continues the band’s signature sound of haunting, alt-country rock that they’ve created for 25 years. Renmin Park is one of four installments… Read more »

Cowboy Junkies

Since the sibling group formed in 1985, Canada’s Cowboy Junkies have been known for their alternative country sound. Their latest album, Renmin Park, released in May of this year and is the first part of four releases, collectively known as: The Nomad Series. The album has already been mentioned on Best Of 2010 critic lists… Read more »