The KXT Local Show: Wirerims, Secrecies, Slow Joy

This week, we checked out the new song from Denton indie band Wirerims ahead of their performance at the revamped Fry Street Fair in April. The new tracks from the Dallas based projects Secrecies and Slow Joy were well received at our public music meeting at Dan’s Silverleaf last Wednesday, so I was sure to put them on this week’s playlist. (That’s how it works! :D) Be sure to follow KXT on social media to find out when the next one will be. We also heard recent releases from Loren Kole, The Squeezebox Bandits, and Cure For Paranoia… and threw in a throwback from Denton staple Slobberbone for good measure.

You’ll see the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, don’t forget to submit your songs.



“Lonely With You” was released on Leap Day this year and comes complete with a video that is a tribute to “Velouria” by the Pixies.



The shoegaze project comes to us from Oak Cliff artist Shawn Magill and also counts Leah Lane, Alex Bhore, Dean Adams, and Ivan Beltran as members. “Cathedrals” is the group’s first release in half a decade, and the video debuted on our website earlier this month. Magill spoke to my colleague Preston Jones about her inspiration for the song and the band’s upcoming album release on May 18 at the Doublewide in Dallas.


Slow Joy

The Dallas indie project comes to us from Esteban Flores, who was also in FEEVES and NEONNOAH. He wrote “Pulling Teeth” for his wife for continuing to be there for him even when times get tough. Watch for the upcoming EP, Mi Amingo Slow Joy, to drop in June.


The KXT Local Show – 3/21/24

Wirerims- Lonely With You

Slobberbone- Gimme Back My Dog

Secrecies- Cathedrals

Slow Joy- Pulling Teeth

Chammeili- Don’t You Remember

Loren Kole- Medusa

MaZing- Last Dance

Squeezebox Bandits- City Lights

Katrina Cain- New Mercedes

Dana Harper- Daydreaming

Cure For Paranoia feat. Pat Ron and The Institute – From Texas

The Wee-Beasties- Shotgunning Beers In The Parking Lot

FIT- Liars, Cops, and Thieves

Los Gran Reyes- AMBNT

Zebra Troop- Dopamine


Fetured Image: Shawn Magill of Secrecies in a still from the “Cathedrals” video.

Photo: Courtesy Secrecies

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