The KXT Local Show: SARRA, Sunrise Academy, Visitor Parking

This week brought us a new song from Argyle based indie project Side Saddle. The song “Moving Out West” is the second release off of the upcoming EP, Forever & A Little While. We also got a new sultry soul number from songstress and loopmaster DAMOYEE, and heard the “Dead End Game” from Lasseter. The studio band is a powerhouse of North Texas talent-  Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt, John Dufilho, Paul Avert, and Chad Lasseter are all members.

You’ll see the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, don’t forget to send your songs in.



The McKinney artist wanted to write a song that described how she felt when she was falling in love with her husband, producer Josh Goode. The couple’s first trip together was to Los Angeles and SARRA says that “Falling In Love In California” (which is produced by Goode) captures the feeling of falling in love under the sun.


Sunrise Academy

The college-aged indie duo makes is back with “Peace Of Mind.” The feel good song comes complete with a video that was shot at White Rock Lake in Dallas.


Visitor Parking

“Lovers Lane” is the first song the indie trio ever wrote together. The group says it’s a sweet love song with a special nod to Dallas.


The KXT Local Show – 3/7/24

Side Saddle- Moving Out West

Secrecies- Cathedrals

FIT- Liars, Cops, and Thieves

SARRA- Falling In Love In California

Katrina Cain- New Mercedes

David Forsyth feat. Frankie Leonie- Love Comes Back Around

Squeezebox Bandits- City Lights

Visitor Parking- Lovers Lane

Black Tie Dynasty- Hurricane

Larry Gee- Oh BBY

DAMOYEE- pretty, pretty

Sunrise Academy- Peace Of Mind

Overshare- (Don’t) Frown Me Down

J. Isaiah Evans and The Boss Tweed- Stand Up

Lasseter- Dead End Game

Market Zero- Bad Connections


Featured image: SARRA. Photo: Oh Jee Nam.

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