Look back on Black History Month with these five releases from North Texas Black artists

Devy Stonez has a new music video out for “GIRLS LUV STONEY/ON THE SCREEN” directed by DayDream Media and Jaylion.

Music history in North Texas is entwined with Black history.

Leon Bridges’ modern blend on soul music put him at the forefront of the genre, earning a Grammy along the way. Terrell native Jaime Foxx holds crossover accolades for a critically acclaimed catalog of music, and a stacked career in comedy, film and television. West Dallas’ The D.O.C., a co-founder of the legendary Death Row Records alongside greats like Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, is recognized as a forefather of hip-hop. And who could dare forget Erykah Badu’s reign as the Queen of Neo-Soul – one who was just recently immortalized with DART buses and trains, in fact. Just a few examples.

So, as we close out this year’s Black History Month, check out some of this month’s new releases from local Black artists who are writing this chapter of Black music history in North Texas.

“Still Trying” – Graham Malice feat. Lexaay

Graham Malice flexes an ability to lace different genres — an artistic finesse that has allowed him to play well with a roster of stellar collaborators, including other artists on this very list. For his latest, Malice linked up with rising R&B artist Lexaay for a duet with smooth, contagious chemistry. (If you couldn’t already tell by the Sy’kia Bates-directed music video above.)


Don’t take anyone seriously if they try to tell you the age of music videos is over. Dallas hip-hop artist Devy Stonez  — who was on KXT’s list of favorite songs by local artists in 2023 — dropped a new visual for his singles, “GIRLS LUV STONEY/ON THE SCREEN” off last year’s I LUV STONEY album. By the time it’s over, we’ll all love Stoney, because the hook in this song will likely be planted firmly in your head with just one listen.

“Waterfalls” – Kaash Paige

Kaash Paige has been open about her struggle with early success (She signed with Def Jam Records while still a teenager.) and the disillusionment of life in Los Angeles. Now 23 , she’s back home in Dallas.  Paige’s newest single “Waterfalls” feels like a deeply personal retrospective, as she sings “Why the f**k am I so lonely/Been feelin’ like nobody want me/Been up reminiscin’ ‘bout my past life, thinkin’ that I miss it.”

This is Not a Part II – Coach Tev & Pat Ron

Earlier this month, two of the hardest working artists out of Dallas’ underground (and underrated) hip-hop scene gave us not just one collaborative single, but rather six new songs together for the release of an EP titled This Is Not a Part II. There are no misses on this link between Coach Tev and Pat Ron, but the standout track is “Bread and Butter.” Or, for anyone hungry for some resonant North Texan hubris, give “214 Freetsyle” a spin.

Mack Jugo – Mann Jugo

Though he is also known as Boy Jugo, multi-hyphenate artist Mann Jugo is a boy no longer. His new eight-song project, Mack Jugo, dropped on Valentine’s Day and manifests as a naturally relaxed growth point in his art. “Heart Gets Better” is a particularly bright moment on the album, but if a dreamy ménage à trois of soul, funk, and indie pop melts in your ear, you can’t go wrong with much of anything on Mack Jugo.