The KXT Local Show: Ella Red, SURILLO, Izzy Ryder

We’re closing out our Winter Member Campaign- Have you supported KXT, yet? We still had some time to go through local submissions, though, which brought us a killer cover of the My Chemical Romance song “I’m Not OK (I Promise)” from Frisco artist Ella Red and a rocking new track from indie project SURILLO out of Richardson. We also checked back in on Sarah Johnson’s new americana/country love song- it has a message about being rich in love and is appropriately titled “Lovinaires” and listened back to John Dufillo’s new project, John Buffalo, Cure For Paranoia’s “From Texas” and Jacob Metcalf’s super pretty orchestral number “Ein Berliner.”

Check out the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, send your songs in here.

Ella Red

The Frisco artist expands her catalog with this graceful cover of “I’m Not OK (I Promise).” The ballad manages to capture the rawness of the original by My Chemical Romance while showcasing her powerful vocals.


Richardson artist Omar Surillo is the creative force behind this indie project. He says that “Vampyra” explores themes of infidelity, isolation and regret.


Izzy Ryder

Ryder is quickly emerging as a powerhouse of the Fort Worth music scene with tracks like”Lonely Virgina,” which finds its place firmly rooted at the intersection of southern rock and indie. The song is a nice preview of her debut album, Barefoot and Brooding, which is produced by River Shook of Sarah Shook and The Disarmers and will drop in May.


The KXT Local  Show – 2/16/24

Surillo – Vampyra

Visitor Parking – Clean Up

David Tribble – No Elephants

Izzy Ryder – Lonely Virginia

mkn coffee – Buried

Josh Hendrick – Something Like A Fever

Cure For Paranoia feat. Pat Ron & The Institute – From Texas

Sarah Johnson – Lovinaires

David Forsyth feat. Frankie Leonie – Love Comes Back Around

Richard Haskins – Impressions

Ella Red – I’m Not Ok

Paper Cups – Bird In Flight

John Buffalo – Accident

Alexandra – Bad Stuff

Jacon Metcalf feat. The Fox & The Bird – Ein Berliner


Featured Image: Ella Red. Photo: Jade Sadler.

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