Redefining reality in RAVS’ new single “Rosey Peach”

Album cover art with a woman that says "Rosey Peach"

RAVS’ new single “Rosey Peach” drops everywhere Friday, February 23. Photo: Xochitl Gonzalez

Get ready to immerse yourself into the introspective world of RAVS, the Richardson-born musician making waves in Dallas. Her upcoming single “Rosey Peach” drops this Friday, offering listeners a glimpse at the first of her new 2024 releases.

A play on the phrases “rose-colored glasses” and “peachy keen,” RAVS dives into the complexities of reality – urging listeners to break free from the confines of their own experiences and embrace the diverse perspectives that exist beyond their circles.

“‘Rosey Peach’ is about waking up to your reality a little bit, understanding that your experience is not someone else’s,” RAVS said in an interview with KXT. “We all kind of live in this certain formed reality because of social media and the people that we tend to surround ourselves with, but that’s not always the case for somebody else.”

The journey of “Rosey Peach” began in 2019 when RAVS and her band, the Akrylx, started crafting the song’s foundation. However, it wasn’t until the tumultuous year of 2020 that the lyrics truly took shape, reflecting the personal and collective struggles faced during that time. The song serves as a testament to resilience, a reminder to confront the harsh truths obscured by societal constructs.

Two shots of a woman in orange, then inverted in blueScenes from the forthcoming “Rosey Peach” music video. Photo: Maia Tharp

The production of “Rosey Peach” was a collaborative effort that spanned multiple locations, reflecting the DIY ethos that defines RAVS’ artistic approach. Recorded in Dallas and mixed by Loren Moore in Los Angeles, the track seamlessly blends raw authenticity with polished production, creating a sonic landscape that mirrors the song’s pensive themes.

Accompanying the single will be a forthcoming music video by Maia Tharp, challenging perceptions and blurring the lines between reality and illusion. The video concept pulls from lyrics of the chorus: “It’s not what it seems / Colors out of sync.”

Speaking of color, fashion has always been intertwined with RAVS’ musical expression, and the release of “Rosey Peach” is no exception.

Embracing her love for vibrant colors and bold statements, RAVS introduces an eyeshadow palette merch piece that embodies the essence of the song. This innovative approach to merchandising not only reflects RAVS’ creative vision but also invites fans to immerse themselves fully in the world she has meticulously crafted.

A dreamy photo of an eyeshadow color palette with a disco ball

RAVS developed a unique “Rosey Peach” eyeshadow palette as a new piece of merchandise that dropped this week alongside the single release. Photo: Maia Tharp

It’s been two years since her last release, “The Heat,” and RAVS has no plans of slowing down. With three more singles slated for release by the end of the year, fans can expect a steady stream of captivating music from this “conscious pop” artist.

“I’m definitely leaning into this idea of making music with conscious lyrics, where you’re gonna be able to put on a song and really vibe with it, but it’s gonna make you think,” RAVS said.

Her early inspirations of Mac Miller, Norah Jones, Tyler the Creator and more leave a lasting impression in the way she approaches music, spinning threads from old to new in her songwriting style.

“Obviously, I’ve got the rap element that’s been pushing me more than anything,” RAVS said. “But I feel like I make music for people that are really on the journey of finding their purpose in life – or pursuing it currently. I feel like I make music for people that wanna challenge themselves and really see what they’re capable of.”

A dreamy photo of an eyeshadow palette

The dreamy aesthetic of the eyeshadow palette for “Rosey Peach” encapsulates RAVS’ colorful expressionism. Photo: Maia Tharp

To celebrate the launch of “Rosey Peach,” RAVS will be hosting a listening party at her Thursday residency spot Foxtrot Market in Uptown on February 22 from 7PM to 9PM. Set on the patio of Foxtrot, the event promises a laid-back atmosphere where fans can connect with RAVS and experience the magic of her music firsthand accompanied by guitar and horn players from the Akrylx.

For those discovering RAVS for the first time, her message is clear: embrace the journey of self-discovery, challenge the status quo, and dare to explore the depths of your existence.

Check out a live recording of “Rosey Peach” below, which is RAVS’ submission to the annual NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest. Her band includes Josh Jackson (drums), Marcus Alexander (bass), Caleb Rains (guitar), William Land (keys/piano), Reggie Terrell (trombone), Patrick Pombuena (saxophone) and Kenyahtah Graham (trumpet).

Pre-save “Rosey Peach” here. Follow RAVS on Instagram and TikTok for updates on music and video releases.

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