The KXT Local Show: Richard Haskins, Slow Joy, Vanessa Peters

That 2024 energy just keeps building for North Texas artists and you can tell by all the new music! This week we heard new singles from Richard Haskins out of Denton and Dallas indie project Slow Joy. We also got a taste of the Texas blues with Oak & Hatchet – a band who has perfected its sound in the bars of Deep Ellum. From Fort Worth, Itchy Richie and the Burnin’ Sensations chimed in with one of the best band names we’ve heard in a while and a revised version of the new wave influenced “Lighten My Heart.” We also listened back to jams from Tears, Larry Gee, and Remy Reilly.

Check out the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, be sure to submit your music here.


Richard Haskins

Haskins is no stranger to the limelight. He’s the frontman for Denton band The Wee-Beasties and can often be seen leading the band through their high-energy numbers in nothing but a pair of underwear and a punk rock spirit. Haskins has brought his signature zeal into the new year and is looking forward to releasing a book and solo record. We got a preview of the latter with the new song “Impressions.”


Slow Joy

Slow Joy is the latest endeavor of Dallas artist Esteban Flores, who was also behind projects NeonNoah and Feeves. Slow Joy combines elements of shoegaze and grunge with emo and the formula seems to be working. Flores has been touring around the country and Slow Joy has amassed millions of streams online.


Vanessa Peters

The Dallas indie folk songstress is back with a new album, Flying On Instruments, that will be released on February 23. “Halfway Through” is a gentle, ’90s-tinged reflection on living fully and letting go.


The KXT Local Show – 1/11/23

Richard Haskins- Impressions

Wirerims- New Year, New Me

Tears- Bye

Slow Joy- I Don’t Hate You

Remy Reilly- Avalanche

Larry Gee- Find Your Way To My Heart

Oak & Hatchet- Strange Weather

Itchy Richie And The Burnin’ Sensations- Lighten My Heart

Overshare- (Don’t) Frown Me Down

Quincy Forte- Millionaire Dreams

Vanessa Peters- Halfway Through

Paper Cups- Bird In Flight

ForEach Loop- Beyond The Kerosene

Ethan Jewell- Better This Way


Featured Image: Richard Haskins. Photo: Curtis Smith.

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