The KXT Local Show: Overshare, Soma Sky, Abby Nelson

The KXT inbox was flooded with local music submissions. Lucky us! This week we checked out the new single from Dallas duo Deep Red. The song “Soft Light” is the group’s first new release since before the pandemic. We also heard country crooner Tim Menchu out of Dallas. He just released a new album called Mockingbird Dance that features The Texas Gentlemen, Jonathan Tyler, Bobby Perkins, Wesley Geiger, and more. Avra Boom even sent in a soulful, new to us track called “Worth It.”

Check out the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, be sure to submit your music here.



The four-piece garage punk band has been hard at work on a new album. We got a sneak peak with “(Don’t) Frown Me Down”, a song about not being bothered by what other people think of you.


Soma Sky

The Denton-based psych-rock band says they are inspired by Persian folk music with a little surf punk sprinkled in. Check out their debut single “C.A.C”.

Abby Nelson

The 22-year-old singer/songwriter grew up in Plano and says she’s been singing since she could talk. “Eternity Starts in Chicago” is a beautifully constructed song about an epic love story.


The KXT Local Show – 11/30/23

Overshare- (Don’t) Frown Me Down

Morningbuzz- i hate all your friends

Avra Boom- Worth It

Soma Sky- C.A.C.

Psychic Love Child- Ophiuchi Hotline

Abby Nelson- Eternity Starts In Chicago

Deep Red- Soft Light

Paper Cups- Spooky Action

The Rosemont Kings- Six Feet Down

Chris J Norwood & The Knockdown Dragout – Knockdown Dragout

Willy And The Wildcards- Twang Train

Corina Grove- Lost For Good

Cure For Paranoia- Three Stripes

The Dirty Shirts- Midnight Cassanova

Tim Menchu- Confidence

Yeah Huh- Just Keep It Real

Featured Image: Overshare. Photo: Johnny Bladfort Photography.


UPDATE: This post was updated on December 1 to correct the location of Abby Nelson’s hometown. Nelson grew up in Plano.

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