The KXT Local Show: Peyton Stilling, Broke String Burnett, Angel White

Local Music Month is in full swing and the North Texas music community is showing up in a big way! This week, we started the Local Show by paying tribute to Bucks Burnett, the local legend and owner of 14 Records who died recently at the age of 64. A complete creative, it’s no surprise that Burnett released music of his own throughout the years, and we kicked things off with the song “Pop Is Right (The World Is Wrong)” from his 2006 album Godvertising. Unfortunately, the album isn’t available online, but a big thank you to musician Steve Dirx who sent me the track.

We also heard the debut single from Chris Noorwood & The Knockdown Dragout- an up-tempo cover of Otis Redding’s “Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)”, a dance number out of Denton from Zeke Forever, and an ode to Texas called “Sweeter Than Wine” from Dev Wult that features his band Texicana.

Check out the full playlist after the highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, be sure to submit your music here.


Peyton Stilling

Stilling worked with the Grammy-nominated production team of Moses Elias and Robert Sewell (who go by LocknKey) for her latest releases. “Better” is her second release of 2023. The song features a danceable beat with determined lyrics for an almost dangerous combination that drips with strength.

Broke String Burnett

Burnett tends to tell some pretty epic stories with the songs he releases, and “Bump In the Road” stays true to format – following the unsettling journey of a nomadic train hopper. Burnett was recently the recipient of a grant from Hear Fort Worth that will help support his tour across Texas in November.


Angel White

White began his musical career like a lot of artists do in North Texas- busking in Deep Ellum. Since then, the country artist has grown to perform at SXSW and the CMT Music Awards Block Party. White told TedXDeepEllum that “Red Blanket” is about his grandmother who made him a red blanket that he still sleeps with.


The KXT Local Show- 10/19/23

Bucks Burnett- Pop Is Right (The World Is Wrong)

Room 13- If The Kids Are United

Peyton Stilling- Better

Angel White- Red Blanket

Mitchell Ferguson- Whole Lotta Sauce

CHROMA (feat A-Wall) – Whatchya Say

Zeke Forever (feat. Band Mom) – CE SOIR

Paige Hill (feat. Issac Sloan)- Thinking Of  A Change

Lovers&Lunatics- Ready To Go

Dev Wulf (feat. Texicana)- Sweeter Than Wine

Corina Grove- In The Stars

Chris J Norwood & The Knockdown Dragout- FA Fa Fa Fa Fa

Matt Nestor- Stars

Broke String Burnett- Bump In The Road

King Booty Disco- Force Of Love

Featured Image: Angel White. Photo: TOBIAS, @tobiasjacob

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