Going bananas with Dallas band The GO-GO Rillas

The GO-GO Rillas with The GO-GO Galrillas. Photo: Jeff Wood.

If there is one thing that Dallas needs it’s a monkey surf rock group. Thank goodness that is exactly what we have in The GO-GO Rillas. The GO-GO Rillas are a group of clearly talented musicians with a backstory of escaping the zoo with the goal of throwing a banana party. While their human personas are not known, the gorillas themselves- Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and of course, Fred each come with their own distinct and entertaining backstory.

The group has released two EPs of mostly surf rock instrumentals- 2019’s Banana Party which was followed by last year’s Buggy Gang Banana Party. Save for a few monkey noises here and there the songs have almost no lyrics. This makes sense, though, as it seems like the addition of lyrics would actually take away from the adventurous, guitar-heavy instrumentals The GO-GO Rillas are known for.  KXT listeners might even recognize the band’s song “Gone Ape” as the theme song for KXT’s Local Show.

Expect to be entertained at a  GO-GO Rillas live show. Not only does the band power through their catalogue while wearing their signature outfits, they are joined by go-go dancers known as the GO-GO Galrillas. KXT writer and photographer Waffles was able to catch a show last summer and appropriately said that the group of escaped gorillas  “are wandering around North Texas… capturing the child-like spirit of music while wearing fez hats.”

A full band on stage wearing gorilla outfits, and two dancers

The GO-GO Rillas are North Texas’ “#1 monkey-surf-garage-rock band,” which feature their own dancers during the set – the GO-GO Galrillas. Photo: Jessica Waffles

You can check out The GO-GO Rillas for yourself on December 6th at Kahunas in Arlington and keep your eye out for a new 45 vinyl that should be dropping in March. Until then, learn more about North Texas’s #1 monkey-surf-garage-rock band on their website and Instagram.

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