PHOTOS: Celebrating Arlington arts – and lots of music – at West Main Arts Fest

A full band on stage

Arlington indie pop rock band Cherry Mantis playing the Fort Worth Weekly & Precision Press Stage. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The annual West Main Arts Festival celebrated its 7th year on Saturday, showcasing 25 local bands and 70 art/vendor booths along four blocks in Arlington.

The day of festivities featured stages sponsored by local businesses, treating attendees to a range of musical acts that showed the diversity of the Arlington music scene.

A full band on stage in front of a crowd

The crowd enjoyed the day of free music and festivities at West Main Arts Festival. The view from stage with Cherry Mantis. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Some people enjoying the free games at West Photo: Jessica Waffles

Visitors browse the booths at the 7th Annual West Main Arts Festival. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Among the vendor route, attendees could browse a variety of items, including paintings, sculptures, photography and more.

Some of the brick and mortar businesses and galleries of West Main were open for stop-ins, encouraging exploration into arts-minded shops like Catalyst Creative Arts and Create Arlington.

A caricature artist with a couple of giggly clients. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Crimson Skylines on the Circle E Facility Management & Downtown Arlington Stage at West Main Arts Festival. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Wellspring on Main is a nonprofit providing “a community oasis, a place where diverse people engage with one another in ways that foster the physical, emotional and spiritual health of out community by celebrating the dignity of every human being.” Photo: Jessica Waffles

There is an atmosphere of change in Arlington, where new ideas are beginning to shape its growing hand in the DFW music and arts scene.

Bands have been coming out of Arlington by the boatload, and it seems like the city is here for it. Between staging free festivals/concerts, providing artist community resources and putting on special events like last year’s Takeout Tuesdays, the space between Dallas and Fort Worth is letting the world know it’s ready to help its creative community thrive.

The mock-up for a new proposed Gathering Hall, intended to be created at the current location of the Arlington Museum of Art (which will soon move to a new location). Photo: Jessica Waffles

Children playing on large foam toys

There were games available for play in the grassy area provided by the Arlington Public Library. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A live painter

Portrait painter Evan Olsen of Geo Studios doing a live portrait of a patron. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A full band on stage

Settlemyre has been in the studio working on a new record since their 2022 album Waiting For The Knife. Photo: Jessica Waffles

West Main Arts Fest is currently organized by Mark Joeckle of Create Arlington, aa unique studio space supporting the ambitions of creators and entrepreneurs.

The festival is one of many events and incentives that the organization oversees in its efforts to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of Arlington.

Upcoming gallery events by Create Arlington include The Black Experience on July 2, a handcrafted pup-up market every third Thursday, a poetry open mic night every second Tuesday, plus special events throughout the year.

The front of a n art gallery called Catalyst Creative Arts

Some of the local art spots on West Main were open during the festivities for people to come explore their offerings. Photo: Jessica Waffles

An art studio full of people

Inside Catalyst Creative Arts, attendees had the opportunity to browse wares or participate in creating art to take home. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A table with animal drawings to make into hats

Free arts & crafts at Catalyst Creative Arts on West Main in Arlington. Photo: Jessica Waffles

There are several events coming up this this month available to the community organized by West Main Arts Fest sponsor Downtown Arlington as well. Here are some listings.

Check out the full calendar on their website.

A city block showing vendors and attendees walking

West Main was lined with 70 art and vendor booths spanning across four blocks. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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