The KXT Local Show: Alex O’aiza, Mann Jugo, The Half Guided Hearts

The new music was abundant this week. Dallas’s Telephone House is back with a new song and new members- the former duo has now grown to a six-piece indie jazz ensemble!  Fort Worth rapper ItsErnie asked us to take his phone away, and Matt Tedder sent in the bluesy “I Can Dream You.” We even had a throwback from The Fort Worth Cats– we checked out their 1981 release “Ship Of Fools.”  I love a good throwback.

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Alex O’aiza

The Grand Prarie artist is back with the rocking new song “Let You Go.” He says his new song is about the inevitable goodbyes that happen when a relationship starts to fizzle.


Mann Jugo

Wylie-based Mann Jugo shows his appreciation for women in culture through his music. This recognition shines through in “Heaven Sent”.


The Half Guided Hearts

The latest from Dallas’s The Half Guided Hearts is filled with longing and country goodness.


The KXT Local Show- 4/6/23

Bad Lives- Never Forgetter

Revolvers- Lentamente

Flower Child feat. Jah Born- Chosen

ItsErnie- Take My Phone Away

Telephone House- Apollonia

Honin- Feel

Sam Cormier- 4321

The Plum Boys- Make Me Say

Alex O’aiza- Let You Go

TIGRIS- Happy New Year

The Half Guided Hearts- Looking Good

Mann Jugo- Heaven Sent

The Rosemont Kings- Rosemont Groove

Sarah Johnson- Highway Robbery

Matt Tedder- I Can Dream You

The Fort Worth Cats- Ship Of Fools


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