The KXT Local Show: Phantomelo, MurieL, Eric Roberts, The Polyphonic Spree

This week we’re bursting at the seams with new music. We heard a new song from Color Failure, a band that is the side project of Dallas film composer Brandon Maahs and comprised of UNT music students, checked out “Summertime”- a complete jam from 90s freestyle synth-pop duo CANA!, heard a nod to Townes Van Zandt from Kelsey Foster, and even got some advice on “First Date Conversations (For The Healthy Young Professional)” from Grapevine artist Jake Bardin. Phantomelo sent in “Shark Attack” and we even heard a new track from Dallas choral rock group The Polyphonic Spree.

You can see the entire playlist after this week’s highlights, and if you are an artist from North Texas, submit your music here.


“Shark Attack” started out as a commentary on social media influencers, but it quickly morphed into a protest song. The wrestling-themed video premiered on yesterday.



Known as “The Oak Cliff Princess”, MurieL’s latest single is an upbeat dance number that finds this royalty staking her claim.

(Warning: this video contains implied violence.)


Eric Roberts

Robert’s said he wrote “Dance With Me” to try and explain how a Saturday night feels under the disco ball. Mission Accomplished.


The Polyphonic Spree

The Polyphonic Spree released “Got Down To The Soul” to tide us over ahead of the release of Salvage Enterprise in 2023,


The KXT Local Show- 7/28/22

Phantomelo- Shark Attack

Topline Addicts- Loretta

Color Failure- Noises and Neurosis

CANA!- Summertime

Rafa- Mata

Kole (feat. Adrian Lyles)- The Concept of Attraction

Jake Bardin- First Date Conversations (For The Healthy Young Professional)

Yeah Huh- Spun, Wrought, Cast

The Wee-Beasties- Doing Yoga In The Rain

Kelsey Foster- Loop and Lil Agree

MurieL- Your Heart Is Mine

Los Gran Reyes- AMBNT

KellyMarie- Us Again

Eric Roberts- Dance With Me

The Polyphonic Spree- Got Down To The Soul

Chandler Cooper- Eye To Eye


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