The Best Song You’ve Never Heard: “Different” by Ximena Sariñana


Ximena Sariñana holding flowers

Ximena Sariñana Photo: Wasserman Music

As a music fan, it can be very easy to find yourself always finding music in the same places. As a native English speaker, I don’t seek out a lot of music from artists outside of English-speaking countries or even in different languages here in the US. There is plenty of great music from artists around the world and today’s The Best Song You’ve Never Heard may have slipped through the cracks because the artist hails from outside the US.

Ximena Sariñana was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and started her entertainment career as an actress in telenovelas like Luz Clarita at age 11. She always had a deep interest in music after seeing Ella Fitzgerald perform live. Her first music release, Mediocre, came in 2008, which earned her a GRAMMY Award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album and it reached to no. 2 on the Mexican charts. While her first album features songs in Spanish, her second album only featured one Spanish song, “Tú Y Yo”, while the rest of the album was in English.

“Different” was the first single on the album and jumps out of the speakers. Released in June 2011, it was a perfect song for summer with poppy percussion, horns, and a catchy hook. The Latin music influence is also heard throughout along with a lot of the indie pop rock sounds you’d heard back then. Sariñana delicately balances all of her influences together on this song in a way she could connect with a lot of different music lovers.

This is the perfect song to put on when you need a little taste of summer in the middle of February.

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