The KXT Local Show: The Plum Boys, Rafa, Damon K. Clark

This week brings us a new single from Fort Worth’s The Plum Boys, as well as new songs out of Dallas from vocalist and musician Damon K. Clark and rapper Rafa. Indie artist Chase Ryan chimed in with a new song out of Denton, and we even heard from Midlothian this week as Americana artist Blake Dagley made his Local Show debut with a song he recorded in Nashville.

Check out the full playlist below this week’s show highlights!

(Warning: the songs below may contain explicit language.)



Rafa grew up in Brownsville and has called North Texas home for about a decade. His new (mostly) Spanish language song “La Receta” features fantastic production, catchy melodies, and the accompanying video comes complete with a very enjoyable dream sequence.


Damon K. Clark

“Random Lover” showcases Clark’s impressive vocal range over a smooth beat. The song was written after a breakup and is perfect to put on repeat if you’re nursing a broken heart.


The Plum Boys

The members of The Plum Boys met while attending the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts and singing for Texas Boys Choir. “Going to the Moon” is the group’s second single and really showcases the stellar voices of the band.


The KXT Local Show Playlist- 12/9/2021

The Plum Boys- Going To The Moon

Ariel + The Culture- No Puedo

Abby Cole- Does It Hurt Your Feelings

Overshare- Prison

Blake Dagley- Ain’t Going Down Like This

Sur Duda- Nobody Knows

Abbreviations- Won’t Say

Chase Ryan- Something Hurts

Cabus- Call

Asher Roberts feat. Gillian Rhys- One Night

Queen of Cups- The Fog

Rafa- La Receta

Lorelei K- Blue Part Four

Dali Voodoo feat. Tay Money- Country Girl

Jarod Grice- Poison Blues

Damon K. Clark- Random Lover

Remy Reilly- Lost Without You

Pretty Boy Aaron feat. Bruhnice- Delfino (Feel This Way)



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