The KXT Local Show: Yeah Huh, Grand Commander, BeMyFiasco

Such great music this week as we are heading into the holidays! From Fort Worth, Yeah Huh chimed in with a new release called “2009” and we also checked out new songs from The Dirty Shirts, Grand Commander, Lauren Christner & The Round Up, and rock outfit Always the Alibi.

Check out the full playlist below this week’s show highlights!

(Warning: the songs below may contain explicit language.)


Yeah Huh

Yeah Huh is the duo of Kenny Wayne Hollingsworth (The Orbans) and Ryan Taylor (Oil Boom).  We caught up with the band when they released their first single, and now Yeah Huh is back with “2009”. This song has had a 10-year journey- it was originally recorded as a demo back in 2011!


Grand Commander

It sure does seem like it would be nice to turn into an animal sometimes, right? Grand Commander thinks so. <3



Bianca “BeMyFiasco” Rodriguez is a singer/songwriter from Dallas and she released her debut album, Where I Left You, earlier this year.  “Bad Dream” reflects on the end of a relationship but listen closely to hear her shout out some Dallas staples in the song


The KXT Local Show- 12/16/2021

Yeah Huh- 2009

Shibby- Love Gun

Rafa- La Receta

Cabus- Call

Mitchell Ferguson & Drugstore Cowboy- Dramatic

Damon K. Clark- Random Lover

BeMyFiasco- Bad Dream

The Dirty Shirts- Shake

Denver Williams- The Pass

Jackson Scribner- I Don’t Think About It

Lauren Christner & The Round Up- Black Chevrolet

Always The Alibi- This Scar From You

Officially Simone- Close To You

Catamaran- Don’t Even Try

Market Zero- Bad Connections

Grand Commander- Let’s Become Animals

Course of Empire- We Got the Beat


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