Swinging the night away at Charlie’s Star Lounge

A group of men and women stand pose smiling in front of a DJ booth in a small dive bar club.

Swing dancers gathering at Charlie’s Star Lounge. (left to right) Chris leBlanc, Cara Sherman, Ryan Martin, Frank Eisenman, Claire Taitte, DJ Mark A: The Suburban Savage, Jeremiah Arauco, Amanda Hobbs, Enrique Limon, Jennifer Thompson. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Charlie’s Star Lounge has gained a reputation for being a diverse and fun new venue for North Texas patrons to let their hair down – including being a gathering place for local swing dancers to dance the night away.

“We come out because we enjoy dancing, that’s it. This DJ is particularly good,” said Amanda Hobbs, explaining why she and her friends come together at Charlie’s.  On this night, DJ Mark A: The Suburban Savage was playing rhythm & blues, rockabilly and more on vinyl records.

Amanda Hobbs at Charlie’s Star Lounge. Photo: Jessica Waffles.

“The dance community is very welcoming. Most of the friends I have now I met through dance,” Hobbs says. “I always meet people of kindred spirits.”


A portrait of a man in a cowboy hat smiling.

Swing dancer Frank Eisenman at the bar at Charlie’s Star Lounge. Photo: Jessica Waffles

When asked why he liked Charlie’s, swing dancer Frank Eisenman responded, “It’s about the cool factor. Some nights they’ve got some really cool jams.”

Looking to get tips on your steps? “Sons of Hermann Hall is one of the only places offering swing dancing lessons right now,” said Hobbs, who is on the board of the classic Deep Ellum venue. They teach on Wednesdays. Beginner class is 8pm-9pm, with “socials” being 9pm-midnight. Socials are open dance.

Jeremiah Arauco, Amanda Hobbs Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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