On the edge of Deep Ellum, Charlie’s Star Lounge is a dive with a side of great DJs

Photographer/videographer Jessica Waffles is on the scene for KXT. Check back regularly for her photos and video of the North Texas music scene. 

A man and a woman stand in front of Charlies Star Lounge, a bar on the edge of Deep Ellum in Dallas

Charlie’s Star Lounge gives classic dive bar vibes. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Just on the outskirts of Deep Ellum, Charlie’s Star Lounge opened in April. This neighborhood dive-style spot is co-owned by Dead Flowers musician Corey Howe and The Nines owner Allen Falkner.

Coming straight out of lockdown, this location quickly found local support for its DJ music nights every night of the week, except Mondays, when they’re closed on Mondays. They try to keep it eclectic, with varying music styles from DJs like Ursa Minor (’00s R&B), Jim Brandsetter (synth-driven original music), Cameron Brand (goth) and more.

“Third Thursday” on Oct. 21 will be hosted by Spinster Records’ Kate Simaro  and Hunter Moering of FIT / Sealion – which is one of the more popular monthly’s so far.

Marisa Anguiano at Charlie’s Star Lounge. Photo: Jessica Waffles


Another unique feature:  a revered original recipe for sweet corn ice cream made by Corey Howe. It’s called “Born to Corn” and Charlie’s regular Marisa Anguiano says it’s a must-try.

Jeremiah Arauco and Amanda Hobbs take a spin on the dance floor at Charlie’s Star Lounge. Photo: Jessica Waffles.

Photos featured here are from last Saturday’s event, “Get Wild!” with DJ Mark A: The Suburban Savage, a rockabilly / rhythm & blues / rock n roll night. The swing dancers were out, and antics were wild.

Corey Howe & Anthony Blaine “Big Fun” DeAlcuaz at Charlie’s Star Lounge. Photo: Jessica Waffles.

“Things usually get busy around 10-11pm, and by midnight it turns into a pirate ship & everything’s leaning,” Howe said, describing a typical Saturday night. “Around 30 minutes to closing, people are throwing ice down the bartender’s pants – the worst version of Coyote Ugly you can imagine.”

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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