KXT Song Of The Day: Parker Millsap, Julien Baker, Bunny Wailer, Japanese Breakfast, Yuno

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If you are new to this corner of the internet, this is KXT’s weekly space for the Song of the Day selections. Monday through Friday our Music Director, Gini Mascorro, selects a song to set the tone to your day.

Should one person have all that power? Well, that is up to you but to persuade you that she is a wealth of knowledge, we should brag that her credits include producing a David Bowie tribute and a Beck retrospective show for KXT. Not to mention, her radio chops have taken her all the way across the pond to the United Kingdom. She currently hosts a weekly show, What’s New with Gini Mascorro, where she hand-picks the latest releases that should be in your radar. Her endless curiosity for new and obscure music is part of what keeps KXT’s sound fresh.

Now that we have that covered – let’s go!


MONDAY, 3/1/21: Parker Millsap – Vulnerable

Sir Elton John’s a big fan of this Oklahoma-bred, Nashville-based songsmith, and so are we. And in his new track “Vulnerable,” Parker Millsap weaves a cautionary tale about letting your guard down and not allowing yourself to emotionally calcify. To put it simply, “you’ve got to be vulnerable.”


TUESDAY, 3/2/21: Julien Baker – Relative Fiction

“I’ve got no business praying/I’m finished being good/Now I can finally be OK and not the way I thought I should.” Julien Baker’s brutally honest “Relative Fiction” is our very own 2021 version of Shakespeare’s “To thine own self be true.” Her album, Little Oblivions is out now. You can read the full album review by Art&Seek’s Miguel Perez, here.


WEDNESDAY, 3/3/21: Bunny Wailer – Dreamland

“There’s a land that I have heard about/So far across the sea/To have you all/My dreamland would be heaven to me.” In honor of the late reggae legend Bunny Wailer, an original member of The Wailers, we time-trip back to 1976. In this visionary masterpiece off his album, Blackheart Man, Wailer imagines a world where togetherness is the name of the game. Perhaps he knew something we didn’t about our post-pandemic life.


THURSDAY, 3/4/21: Japanese Breakfast – Be Sweet

Michelle Zauner, a.k.a Japanese Breakfast, has kept herself busy since her last album. She turned her 2018 New Yorker essay Crying in H Mart into a memoir due for release in April, and now, she has gifted us with new music. Her new album due in June, Jubilee, is about joy and she delivers just that in this synth-infused single. Accompany your listen with the cheeky X-Files-themed music video and #believe with us.


FRIDAY, 3/5/21: Yuno – Somebody

Let your inner 14-year-old angsty-self come out and play for this moody-banger by one-man band Yuno. Borne of the isolation brought on by the pandemic, with its wailing guitars and blend of emo-meets-hip hop this song stares directly at the face of loneliness and concludes that he just “needs somebody.”



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