KXT Song Of The Day: Strumbellas, Daniel Lanois, Lera Lynn, Beatles, Hannah Jadagu

Congratulations, you made it to the end of the week! That alone should be reason enough to celebrate, but we wanted to bring you something extra to propel you into weekend-mode. Monday through Friday this week, KXT’s Music Director, Gini Mascorro, has selected a song that perfectly captures the essence of the day, the way that only a good song can. Here we have compiled them, made a playlist and added along some musings about each track.

Week of February 21-26, 2021:

MONDAY, 2/22: The Strumbellas – Greatest Enemy

Squaring off with the inner critic in our headspace can be debilitating, but those tiny victories propel us forward. Echoing that sentiment is the track “Greatest Enemy,” from Canadian group The Strumbellas. Written in the middle of lead singer Simon Ward’s own bout with depression, this song reminds us that even in the darkest of days there is a way out from the gloom.

TUESDAY, 2/23: Daniel Lanois – (Under The) Heavy Sun

Best known for his collaborations with U2, Brian Eno, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan, 11-time Grammy winner Daniel Lanois has gifted the world with “(Under The) Heavy Sun.” This single comes from his latest album, Heavy Sun, to be released in April. In this silky tune, Lanois urges us to check our egos at the door and not allow the pandemic to diminish our capacity for love and joy. (Bonus points, get caught in trance with the visuals accompanying the music video.)

WEDNESDAY, 2/24: Lera Lynn – Isolation

“Hands-free reality, pleasure is a must / When it’s just you and machine, there’s no need for trust.” Penned during the lockdown last year, songwriter-chanteuse Lera Lynn‘s haunting “Isolation” yearns for the days before technology stepped in to take the place of human connection. Her new album, On My Own was sung, produced and recorded – you guessed it – in isolation.

THURSDAY, 2/25: The Beatles – Within You Without You

In honor of the late, great George Harrison’s birthday, we go time-tripping back to 1967 with “Within You Without You” from the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band. This atmospheric and divinely alluring meditation piece encourages us to look beyond what we see in front of us to discover the wonders and possibilities within. And just like that, we are reminded why George was our favorite of the Fab Four (#George4Ever).

FRIDAY, 2/26: Hannah Jadagu – Think Too Much

While you and I were using our smartphone to double-tap pictures of cute dogs on Instagram, Hannah Jadagu was recording and producing music on her iPhone. Only 18, Mesquite-reared, NYC-based, former Dallas Children’s Choir member Jadagu has struck gold with her breakout single, “Think Too Much.” Her single is an effervescent musing on adulthood and the tendency to second-guess ourselves.

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