This Week On World Cafe: October 1-5

Here’s what’s coming up this week on World Cafe :


Monday, October 1 – Aaron Lee Tasjan

Nashville singer songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan just released his third studio album, Karma For Cheap. The album, a departure from his acclaimed Silver Tears, challenges the notion of what a traditional indie-folk Americana artist should sound like, and adds elements of jangle pop, psych and straight-ahead rock with touchstones that remind us of The Beatles and Tom Petty. We’ll talk about getting to his sweet spot on the new album and more on this episode of World Cafe.

Tuesday, October 2 – Encore: Dessa

Dessa’s latest album was inspired by a unique experiment. Having recently endured a breakup, she recruited a team of scientists to conduct an MRI scan to find the area of her brain responsible for longstanding heartache. Using this information, she then worked to get rid of that feeling. Listen back to this episode of World Cafe to hear more about her unique thought process, what it means to be a responsible rapper, working with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, and about her upcoming book of essays called My Own Devices: True Stories from the Road on Music, Science, and Senseless Love.


Wednesday, October 3 – Jad Abumrad

27: The Most Perfect Album is the brainchild of public radio legend Jad Abumrad, host of  Radiolab and More Perfect – a new series that explores how the Supreme Court got so supreme. Inspired by the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, this new compilation of music features songs by Dolly Parton, Devendra Banhart and They Might Be Giants. Tune into this special episode of World Cafe for an exclusive look at 27: The Most Perfect Album.


Thursday, October 4 – ENCORE: Ray LaMontagne

Despite being a Grammy Award-winning artist, the release of seven full-length studio albums, and multiple worldwide tours, Ray LaMontagne is quite the humble musician. Known for keeping his personal life very personal, this episode of World Cafe offers a unique glimpse into LaMontagne’s music, his family and his childhood. We’ll hear an intimate conversation and gorgeous live performances of songs from his new album, Part Of The Light, recorded and produced at his home in Western Massachusetts.


Friday, October 5 – Encore: Haerts

The German pop-duo Haerts is the creation of married couple Nini Fabi (vocals) and Ben Gebert (keyboards, guitars). Listen back to their experience of recording their latest record, made during a rocky patch of their relationship and transition of their music career. The songs to emerge from this time are striking, referential pop songs that vibrate with the urgency of working through and recovering from loss. Their sophomore album, New Compassion, drops October 5.

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