The KXT Local Show — Aug. 30, 2018

Thursday, August 31, 2018
Highlights from the show:

KellyMarie — “Darling, Don’t”


Andrew Holmes – “The Sailor’s Lament”


Here’s the full playlist from this week’s show:

Tennessee Dixon – “Honey, Won’t You Take Me Back”

St. Yuma – “Woods”

Vanessa Peters – “Get Started”

Beau Jennings – “No One Can Destroy A Song”

Bryce Bangs – “Chasing That Gold”

Brave Little Howl – “Tupelo”

KellyMarie – “Darling, Don’t”

Sealion – “Break My Bones”

Tell Emile – “Prairie Burning”

Andrew Holmes – “The Sailor’s Lament”

Earthchild Imperious – “Moonring”

Cure For Paranoia – “Thrills”

Arlo – “New York, Queens”


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